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Exploring The Important Cutting-Edge Physics Of Nassim Harmein

Exploring Nassim Haramein’s work is a challenging thing if you do not fully understand the nature of physics, which is why they proactively are trying to educate people around the exciting field of quantum physics in their new Resonance Academy courses. In a world where cutting edge science is commonly being censored or ridiculed by […]
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This Disturbing Picture Exposes The Reality Of Our Modern Society

Why is this image so disturbing? Because it illustrates exactly how the majority of our government, major corporations and general population thinks when it comes to challenges in our world. Yes, sometimes we have opinions about issues going on and we “want” to fix them, but what do we do other than sit on our couches […]
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How To Turn Your Cell Phone Into A 3D Hologram Projector

Here’s something cool you can try out with your phone and an old CD case. We saw this online and thought it would be a fun DIY for those who want to get a little creative. When you pair this little invention with a “hologram-ready” video, this device will create the illusion that you’re looking […]
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3 Easy Salad Recipes To Help Control Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most rampant diseases of our time, and when you take a look at the average North American diet you begin to see why. According to the American Diabetes Association, in 2012 29.1 million Americans, or 9.3% of the population, had diabetes. [1] Sadly, diabetes rates are still rising steadily because we are not […]
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Here’s What Happens To Your Knuckles When You Crack Them

We’ve heard many times that cracking your knuckles is bad and that you could increase your risk of getting arthritis. But is it truly that bad? Is this assumption actually based on research or is it more of an old saying that goes around? When you crack your knuckles you are essentially stretching out the space between […]