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This Girl Undressed Herself In Public For A Courageous Cause

We all seem to battle self-esteem issues at one point or another in our lives. For  some, it is merely a minor, occasional annoyance, but for many, it can become a source of real torment, leading to a number of serious psychological disorders. Despite self-esteem issues being quite common, many of us tend to feel […]
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The Real-Life Diet Of A 300 Pound NFL Player: He’s A Vegan…

Engaging in professional sports in general is a serious physical commitment, and there is arguably no sport more taxing on the human body than American football. The sport revolves around strategizing to find openings in a barrage of physical contact that, for the most part, is being delivered by an individual who weighs (on average) around 250 […]
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A 6 Month Wait To Get An MRI? This Man Offers To Make Lunch For Canada’s Prime Minister To Find Out Why

Brice Royer has been battling stomach cancer for quite some time, but in a most unconventional manner. Rather than wallowing in the hardship of his condition, Brice has turned his situation into an opportunity to connect with and inspire others – while simultaneously uplifting himself. To date, Brice is most famously known for his Craigslist Ad which sold […]