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Mark DeNicola

In Memory of a Friend

This weekend we at Collective Evolution endured an experience we could have never anticipated. One of our writers and a great friend to everyone on the CE team ...

Fennel: More Than an Herb

You regularly see it in your local grocery store. It's the odd looking white bulb shaped vegetable with some random short bright green stems and leaves sticking...

Famous Vegetarians & Vegans

Every day it seems that more and more people are changing their lifestyles to adopt either a vegetarian or vegan diet. For some the transition happens quickly, ...

Mark DeNicola

Writer, Vlogger and Entrepreneur set on creating brutally honest personal development content for those who actually want to change! -- You can find out more about me and my other passions in life by visiting my personal website: -- You can also follow all of my work on Facebook and Instagram!

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