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Alternative News

A Video That Reveals The Complete Charade That Is Politics

People ask me all the time: 'Why don't you vote?' And every time, it comes down to the same feeling within myself. I choose not to be governed. I do not consent to giving up my power to people who take action in favour of their own ego, power, and profit. I don't judge them for it, it's simply an ob...

What Afghanistan Looked Like Before False Flag Terrorism

In 1967, Dr. William Podlich, an amateur photographer and college professor, took a leave of absence from his job at Arizona State to work with UNESCO in Kabul, bringing his wife and daughters along with him. It was here that Podlich documented Afghanistan, at a time before the U.S. invasion, Russia...

UK To Crack Down And Ban All Ads Containing Gender Stereotypes

Britain is now cracking down on any ads that contain gender stereotypes, sexualize women, or promote an unrealistic body weight. It will no longer be acceptable to put men or women in stereotypical roles; for example, women cleaning up the house because men don't know how. This is a great step in the right direction. Maybe North America will soon follow suit?