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Prefab Arched Cabins Provide Cozy, Customizable Homes For Under $10K

Prefabricated homes are becoming increasingly popular among those seeking more convenient and flexible housing. Because you can assemble them yourself wherever you have land, you aren't handcuffed by the normal rules of home purchasing and ownership. While often pricey, especially if you have people...

How Homeschooling Can Help Your Child Be “Successful.”

Nowadays, many parents choose for their kids to be taught from home instead of enrolling them into the traditional school settings. This decision often comes from the parents that prefer to place the responsibility of quality education on themselves, so if you are one of those parents, keep reading....

Video: Meat Consumption Steadily Declining

Recently, Canadian news network City TV revealed how drastically Canadians have reduced their meat intake. Given the low population of Canada, about 35 million residents, the numbers given for vegetarians, or at least people who are aiming to cut back their consumption of animal products, is actuall...

Facebook Blocked Our Page for 7 Days Under “Copyright Allegations”

In an attempt to raise awareness about an important issue that needs addressing, we write this to hopefully get help from whoever can help and to encourage a better process. Just as we were approaching a HUGE announcement from our company in just a few days, we were banned from posting all content ...