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“Mouse” Spotted On Mars By Curiosity Rover?

According to a video recently posted on YouTube, on November 1st a picture was captured by NASA’s Curiosity Rover that appears to show a mouse on the surface of Mars, close to the ridge of the 154-kilometer-wide (96 miles) Gale Crater. As IFL reports, no official announcement about the picture has been made, but Joe White, […]
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Reclaim The Goddess: Stop Using The Name ISIS To Describe A Bunch Of Murderous People

Greg Taylor from the Daily Grail recently wrote a brilliant article titled, “Reclaiming the Goddess: Stop Using the Name ISIS to Describe a Bunch of Ignorant, Murderous F**ktards,” and it’s definitely something we would like to echo here at Collective Evolution. The origins of ISIS, the Egyptian goddess of the Ancient Egyptian pantheon, can be traced back approximately 5,000 […]
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How To Solve The European Migrant Crisis In 5 Steps

The migrant crisis going on in Syria and Europe right now is a serious issue that has called much of the world to action. What are countries to do? Is there a deeper agenda at play here? Who should countries let in and is it truly their duty to open their borders in the first place? These […]
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Paris Attacks: “I Won’t Give You The Gift Of Hating You”

In a wonderfully heartfelt effort to educate the public about the Paris attacks, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has released the following video. Mainstream media has been talking about the attacks every single day since it happened, despite the fact that atrocities like this are happening all over the world, all the time. It would […]
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Anonymous vs. ISIS: Worldwide Hackers Declare Online War To Disrupt ISIS Propaganda

“#OpParis” is the name of the cyberwar campaign which was declared by the online Hacktivist group Anonymous in order to help with hunting out and shutting down social media accounts and websites affiliated with the Islamic State militant group (ISIS). ISIS had claimed responsibility for the terrifying terrorist attacks that rocked Paris last week, killing […]
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5 Ways Art Helps You Develop As A Person

The act of expressing your creativity has the potential to reduce your stress, help you focus, and get you in the state of FLOW. Each one of us can remember as children being introduced to many different forms of art. There was a clear intention in presenting a child with these experiences. We know that arts […]
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Hillary’s Response To Why She’s So Close To Wall St. Bankers Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

In last Saturday’s Democratic debate, Bernie Sanders brought up the fact that his fellow Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, has been a recipient of  large donations from the Wall Street banks throughout her political career. Her response was nothing short of disturbing, considering the fact that the Paris attacks happened the night before:  “You know, not only do […]