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8 Infamous “Conspiracy Theories” That Turned Out To Be True

Conspiracy Theory: It's a term used by many to brush off something that clashes with what they believe in, or have believed in for a long period of time. Taking in new information that runs counter to a current belief system is not easy and can cause the feeling of cognitive dissonance - a term used...

3 Things We Can Learn From The Laughing Woman In The Chewbacca Mask

We've all seen it by now: the viral internet video featuring a woman excited to show the world the newest toy she picked up from her local Kohl's store in Dallas, Texas. Not only have we seen it, we've viewed over 50 million times in 24 hours—a new record for Facebook Live videos. The toy is a mask...

Even More Signs Of Change As Baileys Goes Vegan

A month ago, Costco announced that they would be teaming up with organic farmers to help them purchase land to increase the amount of organic produce they are able to grow annually. Costco's reasoning behind this: to meet informed consumer demands to have more organic options available to them—a dem...