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This New Technology Converts Sea Water Into Drinking Water In Minutes

Water is an essential to any human being on this planet, while having clean water is unfortunately not something we all have access to. But a new invention developed by a team of researchers at Alexandria University in Egypt could change that. The technology uses a desalination technique called pervaporation. Salt is removed from sea water using specifically designed […]
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Unbelievable Technology Has Been Rediscovered After Centuries Of Neglect (Sad But True)

Imagine a technology that could do all these amazing things for free: Produce a wide assortment of products Filter the air to remove impurities Moderate the air temperature to an ambient level Create microclimates and produce clouds and rain Reduce energy use and act as an energy source Provide health and therapeutic benefits Provide an energy efficient source of […]
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Take A Look At What Earth Would Look Like If All The Ice Melted

Climate change is a huge topic right now, especially in the alternative media field where there are multiple connecting sub-topics to consider. Things like geo-engineering and HAARP, along with comments from multiple politicians (like Chavez) alluding to some major climate disasters being the work of the United States military, all seem to cloud one undeniable […]
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Neil Young & The World vs. GMOs, Monsanto & Agrichemical Business

Fore more articles/science that are heavily sourced on this topic from CE: Please click HERE. I encourage you to follow Neil Young as a focal point of the larger paradigm shift while the world rejects genetically modified food, their toxic chemicals, and the entire agrichemicals business model. Activating the public with his album “The Monsanto Years,” […]
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The Magical Hobbit-Like Eco Cave House

While the tiny house movement has been gaining more and more traction, one man has already planned and developed his own, designed to send you back in time. “Underhill” is an incredible, hobbit-like eco-cave house built into the hillside of a Waikato (New Zealand) farm. The house is cleverly constructed to resemble a cave and looks like something […]
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8 Reasons to Become a Yardfarmer

Yardfarmers is a new reality TV/documentary series hybrid for release in Spring 2017. It will follow a diverse set of six young Americans as they move back home with their parents to become yardfarmers. The production crew at Yardfarmers is currently searching for the right people to participate in the show. The concept is simple: follow six young Americans as they […]