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Ontario To Take Landmark Climate Change Action

Last month, the province of Ontario passed revolutionary climate change legislation that lays the groundwork for them to join the largest carbon market in North America, linking them with the Quebec and California market already in place. This measure guarantees that the province will responsibly ...

Obama Signs Bill That Will Curb Animal Testing

Every year, millions of animals are killed in U.S. lab tests and experiments, with the vast majority of them being mice, rats, birds, and fish. But on Tuesday, President Obama signed a revision of TSCA, the Toxic Substances Act, at the White House. The revisions to the 40-year-old bill include the ...

This DIY Zero-Electricity Air Conditioner Can Cool Down Homes

Many of us are fortunate enough to control the temperatures around us. In the car, in our homes, or at work, we generally find comfort in our environment via a convenient dial of some sort. But it's not always easy for everyone. Nor is it typically economically- or eco-friendly. In Bangladesh, the ...

Ron Finley: How Urban Gardening Can Change Your Lifestyle

 https://soundcloud.com/superheroacademy/ron-gangster Ron Finley, the Urban Gardener, isn’t your ordinary gangster, which is well and good for a chat with Marc Angelo. The two share a powerful discussion of the difference between promoting a cause and taking action on it, and there are few p...