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Akon Provides Electricity To 80 Million Africans

Here in the west, Akon is a celebrity mostly known by his musical hits like "Locked Up," "Lonely," "Belly Dancer," and "Ghetto" to name just a few. But his most amazing noteworthy achievement and legacy, which has not been mentioned much in the mainstream western media, is that through his entrepre...

How Two Indigenous Solar Engineers Changed Their Village in Chile

Liliana and Luisa Terán are two indigenous women from northern Chile who traveled to India for training in installing solar panels. Together, they have not only changed their future, but that of their remote village, Caspana, as well. "It was hard for people to accept what we learned in India," exp...

Leonardo DiCaprio Calls For A “Ban On Beef”

Famous actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio is joining many other celebrities and a powerful Hindu nationalist group in urging people to completely stop eating beef. Over the past decade or so, red meat has become a popular target for both health and environmental activists. An estima...