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How Humanity Can Break Free Of Social Class Hierarchys

As I watch television and the mainstream media with the audio muted, it occurs to me that what is happening in society is the striation into classes by perceptions mainly disseminated by the media, especially entertainment and commercials. It is not so much that wealth creates class, although that has quite a bit to do […]
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5 Great Reasons To Go Vegan For A Week For Earth Day

Adopting a plant-based diet is one of the most effective ways we can protect our environment and drastically slow down the alarming rate of environmental degradation currently taking place. This Earth Day, rather than simply sharing some memes or changing your Facebook status, why not take part in something bigger, something that will drastically impact the environment […]
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Millennials: Not Sure Where To Go? Have No Fear, There Are New Paths Available To You!

NuMundo, an innovative new platform, has recently been launched, and it contains opportunities for over 100 transformational travel experiences around the world. This is exciting news, particularly given the wealth of research that has emerged in recent years which shows millennials are choosing to take a different path in life compared to the traditional, and often times expected, college/university […]
President Barack Obama wth Vice President Joe Biden speaks with CEO of  Namaste Solar Electric, Inc., Blake Jones,  while looking at solar panels  at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in Denver, Colorado 2/17/09. 
Official White House Photo by Pete Souza Environmental

2016: Watching The USA Bet Big On Solar Power

The Arab oil embargo of 1973 catalyzed the development of today’s modern solar cell (PV) technology. In 1974 American Congress passed five energy bills, two of which supported solar as a potentially valuable solution to the decade’s energy emergency. But despite government-wide initiatives launched by President Carter throughout his term in office, America’s “solar coaster” […]
IN SPACE - AUGUST 29: (EDITORIAL USE ONLY) In this handout photo provided by the European Space Agency (ESA) on August 29, 2014, German ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst took this image of earth whilst aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Gerst returned to earth on November 10, 2014 after spending six months on the International Space Station completing an extensive scientific programme, known as the 'Blue Dot' mission (after astronomer Carl Sagan's description of Earth, as seen on a photograph taken by the Voyager probe from six billion kilometres away). (Photo by Alexander Gerst / ESA via Getty Images) Environmental

Saudi Princess Compares Geoengineering To A “Weapon Of Mass Destruction”

A couple of months ago,  HRH Princess Basmah Bint Saud, humanitarian and daughter of King Saud, compared geoengineering science and programs to weapons of mass destruction, arguing that their implementation is like setting off a bomb without the nuclear explosion. She also stressed that geoengineering threatens the world’s water and food supply, and is one of the […]
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This Is What Killing Billions Of Animals For Meat Consumption Is Doing To The Environment

They are called feedlots, officially referred to as “Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation” (CAFO) and more commonly known as factory farms. They house thousands of animals in horrid conditions that breed disease and massive environmental degradation. Despite this fact, they remain a non-issue to several major organizations whose job it is to raise awareness on the various issues contributing to […]