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This Guy Spends $2.75 A Year On Food And Eats Like A King

Can you imagine spending only $10 on food in a month? How about in a week? That's still more than dedicated dumpster diver William Reid has spent in 2 whole years. Since 2014, he has spent just $5.50 on food, choosing instead to collect scraps wherever he can find them and scouring supermarket dump...

Incredible: India Just Planted 50 Million Trees In Just 24 Hours

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), India is home to 6 of the world's worst 10 cities in terms of air pollution, including the top 3 most polluted  — Delhi, Patna, and Gwalior, respectively. But just last week, the nation — which boasts the world's second largest population at over 1....

GINK: The Environmental Impact Of Having A Child

We are constantly debating the leading causes of climate change: animal agriculture, the oil and gas industry, population growth, the water crisis, and so on. These problems are often considered global issues and people assume governments or society will solve them. There is not enough discussion su...
Night view of the Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Becomes First City To Ban Styrofoam Products

Convenience is a big factor in today's society, especially when it comes to eating, which is why styrofoam has been such a staple in fast food restaurants, for takeout orders anywhere, and in the home when the pool, beach, or a large party at the house is calling. But did you ever stop to think how ...

Smarter Meters, Smarter Grid, Smarter Energy?

As the march of technological progress continues, cutting-edge solutions are being put in place to help us use our energy resources in ways that are both “smarter” and more sustainable. Using digital technology to detect and react to local changes in energy usage, electrical grid infrastructure arou...
house truck

A Tiny Sustainable Three Story House Truck – Take A Look Inside

The average house size has increased substantially in recent decades, and in response, there is a growing movement of people seeking alternatives to large, expensive, and energy-intensive housing. Australia currently holds the record for the country with the largest homes; the average size of a new ...