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What Really Happened When NASA Went To The Moon? Why The Official Story Is Very Questionable

From an intuitive standpoint, simply watching the Apollo 11 press conference with Neil A. Armstrong, Michael Collings, and Buzz Aldrin can be a little disorienting. The astronauts’ body language is peculiar, and the tone of the entire press conference is inexplicably somber, with very few of the smiles or laughs one would expect to accompany such a momentous occasion. […]
northern Exopolitics

These Objects Have Been Investigated By Several Laboratories – Who Is Putting Them Inside Of Humans?

Everything from the release of government documents, to high level testimonies from high ranking military and political figures has ignited a massive surge of interest in the UFO phenomenon from people all over the world. Unidentified Flying Objects (performing maneuvers that defy our understanding of physics) are now a confirmed reality. Official government documents prove […]
Crop Exopolitics

Some Scientific Facts About Crop Circles That Nobody Really Knows About

Crop circles have been appearing around the globe for a very long time, and while some might represent the sloppy and obvious work of a few pranksters, others are so elaborate, so clever, so intricate, and so meaningful that their creation would require the use of highly advanced technology. It’s truly difficult to imagine how some of these designs could […]
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5 Hidden Truths About Mainstream News Media

There is a growing trend of skepticism on the internet right now as people start to call out mainstream media for its honesty (or rather, lack thereof). It’s an important move for people in general, as there are good reasons to question the talking heads that are gifted with such a reach and influence, via […]
earthspace Exopolitics

Beautiful Earth: A Poetic Vision Of Earth From Space

Bella Gaia is an immersive audiovisual experience which explores the interconnected relationship between microcosmic and macrocosmic worlds. Founded and created by talented composer Kenji Williams, he describes this project by saying “Itʼs an exploration of the relationship between human civilization and our ecosystem through time and space.”  The motivation behind the project was inspired by the “overview […]
wiki Exopolitics

Wikileaks Cable Reveals Flying “Machines” That “Obscure” Their Shape Spotted Near Military Installations

It is more common that you might think for Unidentified Flying Objects to be seen at military installations around the world. Two well-known examples out of many such encounters include  the incident at Minot Air Force base and another at RAF Bentwaters military base. Documents that have been released into the public domain indicate multiple instances of UFO sightings have […]
FILE - In this Dec. 3, 2014 file photo, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks at Georgetown University in Washington. Inside the Democratic Party, economic policy is often seen as a contest between President Barack Obama's track record and the anti-Wall Street approach sought by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. As Hillary Rodham Clinton heads for an expected run for president, her allies are pointing her toward something in-between.  (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File) ORG XMIT: WX107 Exopolitics

Hillary Clinton Opens Up About Extraterrestrials: “We May Have Been Visited Already”

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently made a stop in New Hampshire, during which time Daymond Steer, a journalist at the The Conway Daily Sun, brought up the topic of Unidentified Flying Objects. Her response might be surprising to some, though it shouldn’t be, since Clinton, and her campaign manager, John Podesta, have investigated this topic before, and dozens […]
alberta Exopolitics

Canadian Air Force Pilot Snaps A Pic Of A UFO During Flight

“If it does indeed turn out that there is relevant physical evidence, if this evidence is carefully collected and analyzed, and if this analysis leads to the identification of several facts concerning the UFO phenomenon, then will be the time for scientists to step back and ask, what are these facts trying to tell us? […]