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World Wide Web: A Proper Introduction To Understanding Its Tremendous Potential

World Wide Web. Synced. Bluetooth. Smartphones. Download. These words and their peers have invaded the English lexicon with hardly a proper introduction. We know what they do, but not what they are. The Internet? What’s that? Some call it a “computer conversation.” But how exactly does the $1,399 LG Smart ThinQ Internet-connected kitchen range, which comes […]
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This Girl Undressed Herself In Public For A Courageous Cause

We all seem to battle self-esteem issues at one point or another in our lives. For  some, it is merely a minor, occasional annoyance, but for many, it can become a source of real torment, leading to a number of serious psychological disorders. Despite self-esteem issues being quite common, many of us tend to feel […]
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If You Think Tilikum’s Story Is Heartbreaking – Meet Orkid

Ever since Blackfish was released in 2013, more and more people have come to recognize the horror behind whale captivity. As a result, they’re also starting to realize the same when it comes to animal captivity in general. Marine animal exhibitions are chlorinated prisons in which families are torn apart and individuals are stressed, scared, and scarred. There are multiple heart-breaking […]
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Is This The Reason Holistic Doctors Are Turning Up Dead?

Recently, we reported on a story involving some holistic or alternatives doctors being found dead or murdered. The article can be found here.  What if it was actually possible to cure ourselves of illnesses with nothing more than our body’s own natural mechanisms? How threatening would that be to big pharma companies and researchers? Literally […]
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Can Ayahuasca Save Our Planet? The Grand Initiative

Wrapped in the jungle of the Amazon grows a vine that has caught the attention of medical researchers, shamans, and spirituality-seeking tourists for centuries. Now this spirit vine, as it’s more affectionately called, has corporate executives flying from around the world to experience its empowering medicine. The purpose? To dig deep within one’s self to […]
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A 6 Month Wait To Get An MRI? This Man Offers To Make Lunch For Canada’s Prime Minister To Find Out Why

Brice Royer has been battling stomach cancer for quite some time, but in a most unconventional manner. Rather than wallowing in the hardship of his condition, Brice has turned his situation into an opportunity to connect with and inspire others – while simultaneously uplifting himself. To date, Brice is most famously known for his Craigslist Ad which sold […]

It’s Not Just Dogs That Can Detect Human Cancer

Over the years, countless dog owners have shared stories about their dogs saving their lives. Perhaps the most common feat shared is that of dogs who are able to sniff out cancer and tumours and then alert their owners in some obvious way. It has been said that cancerous cells and tumors produce chemicals and aromatic compounds […]