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British Online Supermarket Launches Trucks Powered by Food Waste

It's easy to take for granted things we have no problem obtaining, like money to purchase food to keep us full and happy every single day. But have you ever considered the detriments of buying too much food from the grocery store, only to find weeks later that some of your items have gone bad? Or pe...

Army Approves Dakota Access Pipeline Route Near Standing Rock

On the evening of February 8, an estimated 500 protestors held up hand-painted signs that read "Water Is Life" and "Resist Dakota Access" outside of the White House. While forming a circle and making speeches, a Lakota Sioux man singing prayers, solemnity took over. Earlier that day, the US Army Co...

Judge Set to Hear Arguments on Dakota Access Pipeline Work

Last week, news broke that developer Energy Transfer Partners received final approval from the Army to lay pipe under the Missouri River in North Dakota, which is the final portion of construction for the 1,200-mile pipeline. Devastation followed for American Indian tribal members and activists ali...

A Heart-Warming Video: Everybody Should See This Side of Cows

This is a heart warming video of cows that were set free after a long winter season. Cows should be free to roam in large fields, and be completely free. Looking at the emotional response of excitement in this video is very heart warming. Although it's nice that science has finally recognized the co...