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3 Things We Can Learn From The Laughing Woman In The Chewbacca Mask

We've all seen it by now: the viral internet video featuring a woman excited to show the world the newest toy she picked up from her local Kohl's store in Dallas, Texas. Not only have we seen it, we've viewed over 50 million times in 24 hours—a new record for Facebook Live videos. The toy is a mask...

Even More Signs Of Change As Baileys Goes Vegan

A month ago, Costco announced that they would be teaming up with organic farmers to help them purchase land to increase the amount of organic produce they are able to grow annually. Costco's reasoning behind this: to meet informed consumer demands to have more organic options available to them—a dem...

How Weighted Blankets Are Helping People With Anxiety

Stress, anxiety, and insomnia affect millions of people worldwide, and to alleviate the symptoms, there are a variety of routes one can take, including the ever-popular pharmaceutical pills. But as our world continues to break through the madness of synthetic options and expose each other to holisti...

It’s National Vegetarian Week! 20 Celebs On Why They Gave Up Meat

You may not have heard, but National Vegetarian Week has arrived! Running from May 16 – 24th, this event aims to celebrate animals around the world and the people who choose to protect them, and to educate people about why this diet is so important. During this week vegetarians, vegans, and meat eat...

How Conscious Cinema Is Making Its Way Into The Mainstream

As art reflects the changes in social and cultural conventions as they happen, the current movement in film where “conscious cinema” is reaching the mainstream hopefully indicates a shift in the consciousness of millions of movie lovers. While blockbuster remakes remain prevalent in Hollywood, ther...