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Are We More Like Chimps Or Bonobos?

Many of us wonder what the true state of our human nature is. The question of whether humans are most like Chimps or Bonobos has become a modern analogy and euphemism for the two polar states of humanity. Are we more like the competitive, selfish, hierarchical, and aggressive Chimpanzees? Are we more like the cooperative, […]
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Why Is Marijuana Outlawed? The Real Reasons Are Worse Than You Think

To understand how cannabis became so stigmatized, you have to understand something about a plant that is very similar to cannabis but different enough that making it illegal would be preposterous: hemp. If I told you there was a plant available to us today that could be grown in pretty much any soil, could thrive without the use of […]
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Bombshell Study Exposes Frightening Facts About Anti-Depressant Drugs & Pharmaceutical Companies

The title of this article might give you the impression that my aim is to frighten you. I assure you it is not. The realities of the pharmaceutical industry are admittedly difficult to swallow, but this is important information given the fact that so many people are taking anti-depressant drugs. While these details may be disturbing, especially if you or […]
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Young Gorillas Spotted Dismantling Poachers’ Traps For The First Time

Not long after a poacher’s trap killed a young mountain gorilla in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, researchers actually witnessed a couple of four year old gorillas working together to take apart other traps in the area. Large gorillas are able to use their strength to do this, but the younger ones aren’t. “This is absolutely […]
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Looking For A Good Documentary? Here It Is: How Big Oil Conquered The World

Not long ago, well-known alternative media outlet The Corbett Report put out a documentary detailing the story of an industry which has helped to shape the world as we know it — the oil industry. It looks at how this “oil-igarchy” is on the verge of monopolizing life itself and explores some of the more well-known aspects of the oil story, […]
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7 Success Lessons I Learned Working In The Custom Writing Industry

When I finally got my Master’s degree in social psychology, everyone expected me to start working in a governmental or nonprofit institution straight away. Instead, I decided to spend some time working for a custom writing company. Everyone I knew questioned my decision, but I had a simple explanation: this job combined my three great passions: […]
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A Film About An Over-Unity (Free) Energy Machine Just Premiered At The Vienna International Film Festival

“Much to my surprise, these concepts have been proven in hundreds of laboratories around the world, but have not really seen the light of day.” – Dr. Brian O’Leary, former NASA Astronaut and Princeton Physics Professor (source) Collective Evolution has had the pleasure of communicating with Toby Grotz, an electrical engineer who has researched new energy technologies since […]
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First Vegan Butcher Shop Opens In The United States

The Herbivorous Butcher opened its doors last week in Minneapolis and it was a huge success. This first-of-its kind vegan butcher shop in the United States was made possible by a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter spearheaded by brother and sister Aubry and Kale Walch. The doors opened last Saturday to a receptive crowd that was more […]