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Alternative News

Hemp Makes Big Strides: It’s Now Legal To Grow In Certain States

Cannabis continues to make head way on the political front as more states and provinces consider legalizing the plant. As this happens, Cannabis' close cousin Hemp is making strides in becoming legal to grown once again.  The new farm bill passed Feb 4th 2014, makes growing hemp, in states where it...

Russia Considering A Complete Ban On All GM Food Products

Over the past few years the world has seen a tremendous uproar in anti-GMO activity. Alternative media outlets and activism worldwide have been responsible for bringing to light the truth about GMOs and the fact that there isn't enough data to consider them completely safe for consumption. In fact, ...

The Keshe Foundation’s Simple Solutions For Fukushima

Recently Mehren Keshe and the Keshe Foundation have publicly announced what they claim are solutions regarding the contaminated water and soil in Japan from the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster. This announcement comes a month after Keshe publicly warned Tepco live on Kerry Cassidy's Project Camel...

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