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Teenager Set To Plant A Trillion Trees

Climate change may be a controversial subject to many, an urgent one to others, and an afterthought for everyone else, but of those people thinking about it — or trying not to think about it — it's typically adults having the conversation. And though children aren't normally the face of climate c...

A New Flatpack Garden From Ikea Can Feed An Entire Neighbourhood

There are some that believe growing our own food is the single most important thing one can do to take back the power and opt out of our corrupt system. Others prefer to grow their own food to avoid mass-produced, genetically modified produce laden with chemical pesticides, and others just like the ...

Edward Snowden Is A Patriot & Deserves A Presidential Pardon

Before you start reading, please keep in mind that the only thing we should really be 'patriotic' about is planet Earth, and all life on it. Edward Snowden is one of many whistleblowers to have emerged over the past decade trying to let the world know what is really going on, not only in the United...