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trump1 Political

Trump Admits The Election Is Rigged: “I’d Rather Run Against Crooked Hillary Clinton.”

Last night Donald Trump won the Indiana primary, virtually solidifying his position as the general election representative for the Republican Party. On the flip side, Bernie Sanders edged out Hillary Clinton, showing many still support for Sanders and what he represents, regardless of what the media might be telling people.[1] I’ll preface this by saying that I don’t […]
kenya Political

Kenya Burns 105 Tonnes Of Ivory To Send A Clear Message To Poachers

This past Saturday, April 30th, on a rainy afternoon in Kenya, heads of state from several African nations and hundreds of onlookers came together to watch Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta set fire to over $172 million worth of illegal wildlife goods. Of the many materials burned were 105 tonnes of ivory confiscated from illegally killed elephants. The burning […]
zipface Political

The Danger Of Big Pharma’s Silent Hold Over The US Government

Lobbying allows special interest groups to control the way laws are shaped and how healthcare policies are both created and enforced. Pharmaceutical companies are some of the richest, most profitable companies in the world. Besides using profits to advertise products and influence prescription-writing target markets, Pharma spends extraordinary amounts of money on patents to protect […]
bluecollar_whitecollar Awareness

How Humanity Can Break Free Of Social Class Hierarchys

As I watch television and the mainstream media with the audio muted, it occurs to me that what is happening in society is the striation into classes by perceptions mainly disseminated by the media, especially entertainment and commercials. It is not so much that wealth creates class, although that has quite a bit to do […]
hillary Political

Video Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents & How Her Political Machine Operates

As we move closer to the 2016 United States presidential elections, it appears as if Bernie Sanders has become a heavy favourite. This popularity may not be enough, however, as Hillary Clinton’s path to the presidency may have already been carved out, rendering the millions of voters who participate in this so-called democratic process powerless to influence the outcome of the […]
bury-your-head Political

Wake Up Humanity: The Divide Of The Uninformed

As the American people begin to closely examine the shroud that has been pulled over their eyes–seeing the veneer of misinformation that has been cast over the country’s exponential and perpetual profiteering and war-mongering–the people slowly awaken to the prospect that, in its simplest terms, they have been lied to. The Choice To Follow Their Lead This country […]