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boy at anti-gay march

12-Year-Old Boy Stood Up Against Anti-Gay Protesters In Mexico

To think that we must still report on anti-gay protests seems absurd, so outdated. Unfortunately, not everyone can think and act as "progressively" as many of us would hope for. I remember growing up with ONE friend with openly gay parents. She was often teased for it; outcasted. Today,...

Goodbye Democracy And Capitalism – It Was Fun

Shifting to new paradigms to replace dysfunctional ones. This is an attempt to look at current global problems from a perspective digging deeper into the root of the system. For as Einstein said, “A problem cannot be solved from the same level of consciousness as created it.” It is also an attempt ...

The Most Dangerous Superstition In Today’s Society

What is a superstition? In the most basic sense, it is a widely held belief in something out of material reality. It isn't to say that things that aren't material don't exist, but more so that some things in our world are merely accepted beliefs or opinions, yet we believe they are real. Some 'supe...