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Donald Trump Just Signed An Anti-Abortion Legislation

President Trump has been very outspoken about his stance on abortion. Last year, he even claimed that women who have abortions should face some sort of legal punishment. He has also publicly spoke out against Planned Parenthood, specifically opposing their abortion services. During a Republican pre...

Taiwan Bans Slaughter Of Cats & Dogs For Human Consumption

For many of us, cats and dogs are the staple of domesticated pets. They become members of our families, making it impossible to fathom eating them for pleasure. And yet there are 44 U.S. states that do nothing to prohibit it. According to the Humane Society, Virginia, California, Hawaii, New Yor...
Love wins.

How Love Stopped The Cell Tower Next Door

What would you do if you heard a giant cell tower was going to be installed on the property next door? With good old-fashioned neighbourly love, a Colorado mother successfully got her neighbourhood and the local church to refuse cell antenna installation. Instead of Verizon's deployment plan, it w...