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How We Can Help Our Collective Path To Gender Equality

Men’s discrimination against women is rooted in the depth of our ego. I am a man who had a mixed upbringing in post war Germany. I grew up in what people would call a modern, open and fairly liberal environment, with some limiting traditional, cultural, and religious values mixed in. Yet I cannot s...

Writing To Answer “Who Am I?”

Fifty or so of us sat around the room, ready to begin a group meditation, which would be followed by a group writing session. Artists, vagabonds, spiritual warriors of all types, from all over the world, sat around me. Gongs, singing bowls, and shamanistic feathers filled the room. The bell chimed,...

Thinking Of Taking Plant Medicine? How To Know If It’s For You

I always said, I'd never go searching for it, but if it came to me, I'd do it. I'd heard of plant medicine before, but had never considered it seriously until about two years ago. To be perfectly honest, it freaked me out. Why would I want to see little green leprechauns running around, right? I ha...

3 Reasons Why You Should Make An Impossible List This Year

My life changed when I took a few minutes to make a simple list, and this is the story of how it can drastically change yours today for free. Every new year marks a new beginning, and I bet you have a few new resolutions or commitments in mind... So what are some of yours? Do they include c...

5 Things You Can Do To Cheer Up Quickly, According To Neuroscience

Life isn't always easy, and it may seem like it is, in fact, difficult more often than not. Yet both ups and downs are a natural part of life, and we've all had our fair share of both. But when you do find yourself in a funk, why not, rather than dwell on it, which often just makes things worse, try...