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A 33rd Degree Free Mason’s Important Message For Humanity (Video)

"From the beginning of time, free masonry has been punished for its love of truth, and out if its punishment came the United States. We were founded by Masonic pressures, we were founded by Masons, we were founded by some of the best minds of our time. . . . We were founded by people who sacrificed ...

Finding Inner Strength to be Vulnerable in Relationships

Tantric Intimacy holds the potential to connect us completely. We drop our guards and allow our whole self to flow into another person as we totally receive them as well. This creates a seemingly magical circuit of loving energy that can take us to infinite, wondrous places. This is very simple t...

How Many Hours A Day Do You Waste? (Video)

Do you ever question how much time in a day you effectively waste? Chances are it’s a lot more than you think. Imagine the typical lifestyle: wake up, watch the news or scroll through the newsfeed, get up, get ready and go to work, (maybe doing something you enjoy, but likely it’s something that you...

The Simple Reason I Choose Not To Be Vegan

What does it mean to be vegan? Why are we so concerned with identifying with something? I have chosen to not be 'vegan' for a very simple reason. This is a message I feel we should all consider.