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A Plan To Get Your Student Loan Debt Under Control

Rising student loan debt has become an impediment to an entire generation’s dreams of success through a college education. If you’re mired in debt yourself, it may feel impossible to make any serious headway on the total amount owed without giving up other important expenses and even the smallest pe...

What Is Shamanism – And Why Is It Becoming So Popular Again?

When asked about my connection with shamanism I have to start by explaining it wasn’t a conscious choice. Growing up, I learned about the existence of shamans and medicine men through movies and books. However, I really didn’t concern myself with them until I was fourteen and discovered a book call...

The Most Dangerous Superstition In Today’s Society

What is a superstition? In the most basic sense, it is a widely held belief in something out of material reality. It isn't to say that things that aren't material don't exist, but more so that some things in our world are merely accepted beliefs or opinions, yet we believe they are real. Some 'supe...

14 Soldiers Photographed Before, During & After War

Filmmaker Lalange Snow photographed and interviewed 14 members of 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland before they were sent to Afghanistan, after three months' service, and mere days after coming back home from their deployment. The series, titled "We Are The Not Dead," is meant to expose ...