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Astral Cleansing

The astral plane and our astral bodies are in the process of being cleansed. This process is happening whether we are ready for it or not. Unlike consciously clearing emotions and “baggage” from our cells, astral clearing is done beyond our conscious awareness; we are all experiencing it right now. ...

Seeking Mainstream Assistance For Challenges?

We sometimes find our own emotions to be overwhelming and we are running in circles day after day with resentment, anger and fear. We sometimes reach a point where we seek professional help from psychologists, psychiatrists or prescription drugs. It is to be noted that most in this area of work are ...

2012 Part 2: Galactic Alignment

We talked about the energy shift and the “chaos” we might see in the form of increased weather activity, government scandals, the collapse of our financial system and other non serving systems of today. We now have a better understand of what 2012 is really all about and we can move forward now dism...

2012 Part 1: What does this mean?

Those that have heard of the date December 21st, 2012 generally associate it with what the doom and gloomers have spread as some great apocalypse headed for earth. Stories on YouTube of asteroids hitting the earth, humanity ceasing to exist etc. This is partly due to the fear vibration that is easil...

Jobs, Careers and School – Confusion?

There has been mass confusion lately when it comes to these topics. We have the older generations who simply cannot continue along in their career and do not understand why. They can’t put their finger on what is driving them away. Maybe they have gotten fired from their job and don’t know why. Or t...

Dark Forces

We must understand that these energies have come here to play much like we have. We may view certain systems or events they have created as “bad” “evil” or “wrong.” But we must realize we have come here to play; and what they have created has shown us duality. We have been able to experience the dar...

Observing Without Judgement

This in no way is a message to show hatred or dislike about this group of people. What they have done up to this point is perfect and a product of the system in place. They are all loving and from the same source of unconditional love we are all from. It's also important to note that not everyone in...

The Coming Age – Love

After you have written your contract and come into the world you become a part of a collective belief system and are infused with beliefs handed down to you through DNA strands of your parents – The Program. For years people were born into this system, conditioned and became a part of the world we k...