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How Intentional Dreaming Can Assist Your Waking Life

Do our dreams serve a purpose or are they merely random scenarios formed by our brains based on past experiences and memories? Many believe our dreams have something to show us, and by setting an intention before bed, you can use your them to help you find clarity in your waking life.

Here’s A New Perspective On Daylight Saving’s Time

It is officially that time of year again: we get to turn our clocks forward and “gain” an hour during the day. Many people are excited around this time because the days officially get longer, and it perceivably gives us more time to accomplish things within a day. Believe it or not, where I’m from ...

The Breastfeeding Moms That Blew Up The Internet

It's almost comical to think about the general public's reaction to breasts when taken outside the realm of sex. Women's bodies have always been portrayed as sexual objects, and the underlying assumption seems to be that, because pleasure can be derived from a woman's breasts and vagina, these parts...