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This Is The World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment

Where has human connection gone? This is the question that The Liberators International social movement is hoping to answer and resolve through the world’s biggest eye contact experiment. On October 15th, 2015, over 45,000 people across 50 cities will be sitting in public spaces to share eye contact with one another and break down some […]
meditateman Personal Development

How To Meditate Without Even Trying

You may be surprised to hear that meditation should be effortless, that no striving or concentration is needed. I know I was. When I first became interested in meditation, back in the mid-sixties, I was repeatedly told that it took great mental discipline and many years of practice. Indian teachers had likened the mind to […]
happyfield Personal Development

3 Tips To Affirm Living Your Life On Purpose

Even before writing legend Stephen King sobered up, he would keep the door shut tight to his writing studio. When he felt his writing was ready, he’d open the door only to his wife, who he dubbed his supreme editor. King has what he calls “closed-door writing” and “open-door writing.” Closed-door writing is the crap, […]
sa_woman_CE Personal Development

3 Signs You Are Ready For Healing

Have you been feeling intuitively drawn to explore the path of healing? To be clear, needing healing does not mean we are broken, but simply that we have challenges we can move beyond. Through my work, I have had the opportunity to work with people navigating a wide spectrum of life challenges. During this time, I […]
busycity Personal Development

Simplicity May Be The Best Chance We Have Of Saving Humanity

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci Since the industrialization of society over the last two hundred years, humans have physically and mentally remained unchanged. We have, however, surrounded ourselves with accessories, added layers of complexity, and confusion in our lives. This urbanization has reduced humanity’s connection with nature. Connection to the land and natural […]
coupleproblem Personal Development

How To Stay Happily Married

When it comes to relationships, we tend to put a lot of effort into finding them, fixing them, and healing from them once they’re over (not to mention the wedding in between). What can you do to circumvent all that stress and stay happily married in the first place? If you were one of the […]
loneliness Personal Development

Why We Are Lonely & What We Can Do About It

Spending some time alone gives us the perfect chance to truly find out who we are and what we want from life. It often allows us to live in the moment and gain a little mental clarity, serving like a check-in to see how we feel, so we can consider only our own opinion and not worry about what other […]