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How To ACTUALLY Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You

The Law of Attraction is based on the principle that all matter is made up of pure energy, which is in a constant state of vibration and spin. The LOA implies that thoughts and emotions are also energy, each having a unique energy signature. Every energetic frequency is in a constant state of attra...

7 Toxic Thoughts That Are Stopping You From Being Happy

No one likes bad vibes, and although many of us may believe that putting up an anti-bad-vibe shield will protect us from negative people, places, and things, the reality is that we have to look within to ensure we live from a place of peace. While we shouldn't scorn and fear negativity, as we can l...

The Secret Of The Red Shirts & Why it Will Change Your Life—Forever

The secret of the red shirts will change your life. It’s so easy that it takes seconds to learn—and so powerful; the long-term benefits are extraordinary. Why is this secret so powerful? - Because you’ll discover how to instantly shift your focus, which ensures you’re always 100% focused on what m...

Align Your Goals & Release Your Self

When you align your goals, you align yourself. Chances are, what’s really holding you back from you accomplishing your goals is yourself — your focus, your energy levels, your time. James Clear is an expert on productive habits and how to not just master your skill set but master your mind. I took ...

Why I Said Goodbye To An Old Friend & Never Looked Back

What does it truly mean to miss someone? And why do we miss them? Was it their smile? The drama they brought into your life? Or some other, indefinable quality? I think what it really boils down to is the way they made us feel. Emotions are not only integral to the human experience, they also mirr...

6 Ways To Easily Stop Your Negative Habits

Have you ever wondered why we tend to find ourselves repeating the same unwanted cycles of behavior, time and time again? If you’ve ever wanted to empower yourself to change that, below are some excellent tools that will help you! During the process of socialization in our early lives, we developed...