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Try This On Yourself If You Are Struggling With Self-Confidence

Mirrors are so commonly found in every bedroom, living room, and bathroom that it’s easy for their usage to slip by unnoticed by the conscious mind. Unfortunately, the behaviors that we don’t examine can often become compulsive habits — actions that don’t stem from conscious desire. If your goal is...

7 Steps To Open Yourself To New Opportunities & Possibilities

  “To get something you have never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” (anonymous) This is one of my favorite sayings, and I keep it on the wall across from my desk, just to remind myself every day. It tells me that I have to be aware of my thoughts and ideas, of the thoughts an...

Looking To Save A Relationship? Try The 10 Laws Of Boundaries

Boundaries have a bit of a bad rap. When we think of setting them, sometimes we imagine fences or big blockades that we need to put up between us and the ones that we love and naturally, that may seem like a bad thing. But in truth, they are absolutely necessary if we want to have a healthy mental a...

When Was The Last Time You Felt Heard?

Psychotherapy clients ask me all the time, “Don’t you get tired of hearing so many people’s sob stories and complaining?” I have yet to feel tired.  Sure, some days are long, and being a therapist requires a level of attention that is taxing, but never in my 13 years of working with psychotherapy cl...

Here’s What Getting Spanked As A Kid Did To Your Personality

The topic of parenting is a sensitive one, especially when the conversation directs to discipline. One such method of discipline in particular has long been debatable: spanking. While many parents agree on its appropriateness, more and more parents are opting out of this disciplinary action. In fact...

7 Secrets To Stimulating Your Creativity & Generating New Ideas

Tapping into our own creativity to allow it to come forth in fresh ways is the holy grail of an artist. Creative self-expression can be seen in any almost any industry, realm, or facet of life, and I truly believe it is one of the essential joys of life. But we all take inspiration from others at le...