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Can Who You Are Become Better?

How does one become better without having an awareness that something about themselves could be better? Is this self-judgment or just self-awareness? Can who you are be better? I asked this question to my network and received many answers.

Envy: How It Can Make Us Better

"So, we see that envy can be a help, a welcome guide to fulfillment, what the Greeks called a daemon. And envy can also be turned into a demon that works against us."

How To Navigate Changes In Friendships

Navigating shifts in a friendship can be a confusing and uncomfortable experience. We share stories and experiences and there are many attachments that link the two of us together. We don't want to hurt anyone but we feel that something has shifted in the relationship. What Is Your Heart Telling ...

4 Easy Ways to Optimize & Give Yourself More Free Time

I'm willing to bet that you're quite familiar with the feeling of being overwhelmed. Whether it be triggered by your workload, school requirements, family commitments, or a combination of them all, we all have more than enough on our metaphorical plate. While I've always been someone who not only a...

The Closest I Ever Came to Having a ‘Perfect’ Day at Work

The perfect work day is one of those days some of us have come close to experiencing but have probably missed. I came close once or twice but never planned for it. I found out that I can have a perfect day every day and will share some of the steps I have taken to create that day. 1. I Got Rid o...

The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed

This ONE plant can beat over 32 serious health conditions!

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