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5 Quotes To Help You Return To Your Natural State

In Buddhism, attachment is one of the key hindrances that causes suffering among humans. The Buddha taught that attachment generates craving, wanting, and insecurity. Attachment is the wanting to hold onto and keep a permanent state and not be separated from a thing or person. The general principle behind non-attachment is to cultivate a mind […]
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How Sacred Science Addresses What Modern Physics Ignores

In a recent attempt to understand how conventional physics “explains” reality, I began to read Lawrence Krauss’ A Universe from Nothing Krauss is one of those famous scientists like Richard Dawkins who doesn’t find anything strange about the fact that existence IS. Instead he takes EVERYTHING for granted and attacks, like Dawkins and Bill Maher, […]
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Simplicity May Be The Best Chance We Have Of Saving Humanity

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci Since the industrialization of society over the last two hundred years, humans have physically and mentally remained unchanged. We have, however, surrounded ourselves with accessories, added layers of complexity, and confusion in our lives. This urbanization has reduced humanity’s connection with nature. Connection to the land and natural […]
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One Of The Most Powerful Art Pieces At Burning Man This Year

Burning Man is an annual festival that takes places in Black Rock City, located in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. The event brings together a number of people from across the nation who are influenced by community, art, radical self expression, self-reliance, sharing, and decommodification. One of the sculptures there is called “Love.” Created by Alexandr […]
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You’re More “Successful” Than You Realize – A Social Experiment That Will Touch Your Heart (Video)

“Success,” according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, is “the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame.” This description is not far off from society’s overall accepted definition today, where unfortunately, unless you are obtaining and accumulating a fair amount of material wealth and possessions, you are considered unsuccessful in society’s eyes. Where does this definition come […]
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The Vital Distinction Between Thought & Mind

The amazing results of detaching from my own thoughts and the recognition of an “inner faculty” which apparently makes this possible has changed my life immeasurably. That’s why I use the word “vital” in the title – not only to stress the importance of this insight but also to distinguish its nature from a merely […]
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The First Sign You’re Living Beyond The Five Senses

The five senses provide information in a way that allows the majority of people to understand the world around them. Some people, however, are certain they’re able to receive information beyond what they see, taste, smell, hear, and touch. If information is actually received beyond what the everyday physical world reveals, how can we be […]
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The Secret Of The Secret:  You May Need To Look Deeper

In at least one conversation a day it seems that I encounter someone who says something like, “we create our own reality (with our thoughts).” This is a compelling idea because when we observe ourselves we can indeed see that our moods and beliefs DO create energetic patterns and affect outcomes. For example, it was […]
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Propaganda: Do You Know You’re Soaking In It?

Each and every day we are subject to propaganda, yet many of us are oblivious to the fact that we are being manipulated so frequently. In light of compelling information and evidence which supports largely predictable outcomes, propaganda can be used to confuse, obstruct, and distract individuals and society from clearly understanding the issues at […]
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A Good First Step To Awakening

A good first step to awakening is to realize that you haven’t a clue what this moment actually IS. No story, no concept, ever touches the actuality of THIS moment. THIS moment doesn’t need my or your interpretation (no matter how well intentioned) in order to be what it already is. Indeed, EVERY interpretation is […]