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15 Quotes By Osho That Will Touch Your Heart & Make You Think

Many of the most influential people our world has seen have exposed truths, wisdoms, and controversial viewpoints that have earned them both respect and fear from the masses. Osho Rajneesh was one of those people. An Indian mystic, guru, and spiritual teacher, he had millions of followers worldwide...
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10 Signs Your Life Is Better Than You Think

You know the saying "The grass is always greener on the other side"? It's about being happy with what you've got. So often do we compare ourselves to others that we forget how good we have it — how happy we really are without even knowing it. Life isn't meant to be perfect, and things won't alway...

The Dalai Lama Slams Modern Day Education With Recent Facebook Post

Education is one of our core values here at Collective Evolution. By education I don't necessarily mean the acquisition of a degree, however; education takes all shapes and forms. Simply being alive and experiencing life as we do every day is worthy of the name education. We receive an education whe...