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karma Philosophy

5 Characteristics You Could Have That Might Teach You About Karma

“Whatsoever thou reaps, that shall ye sow,” says the Bible. While the terms are agricultural, the analogy is clear. Whatever you give out in this life you get back. Today, most of us refer to this phenomenon as Karma, although there are different approaches to it: Certain religions, specifically Hinduism and Buddhism, accept reincarnation, and […]
pic Philosophy

20 Very Interesting Pieces Of Advice From People Over 60

When you begin to consider the advice and lives of people from 60 or more years ago, the first thing that comes to mind is typically that we’re about to hear some very interesting advice based on life experience. I think advice from those who are older can come in many forms and to be […]
photo Philosophy

A Detailed Description Of The ‘Lost’ Land Of Atlantis & The Real Reason For Its Downfall

Photo Cred. Advanced ancient civilizations are a big topic of interest among researchers, historians, archaeologists, and scientists. Every single year we are gifted with a mysterious find that has us questioning the origins of the human race and imagining the cultures which roamed the earth before us. We have found much evidence to suggest that there may have […]
are soulmates are real? Philosophy

This Is What Science Says About The Idea Of Soulmates

I’ve never really looked at the word “soulmate” and taken it into consideration in real life. It seems a fantastical term that can only be understood, in my world, as a word to describe just how magically strong the connection between two people is. I know for a fact it wasn’t love at first sight […]
animals Philosophy

We Are All Just Animals – We Need To Remember That

The animal in me wants to smell the earth, to be intimate with her rhythms, in symbiotic union with all her features. The animal in me wants to run wild through landscapes of saplings, meadows and mountains. The animal in me wants to explore the darkness with keen senses. The animal in me wants to […]
deardaddy Philosophy

“Dear Dad, I’m Going To Be Called A Whore.” Daughter’s Words Are Moving Millions… But…

Norwegian charity organization CARE campaigns for women’s rights and has recently released a short film drawing attention to how male culture today has the potential to promote violence or abuse against women. In just a short period of time the video has garnered over a million hits, but some critics, both men and women, are not entirely on board […]
Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 9.39.01 AM Philosophy

Powerful Words From Cameron Diaz About Money, Fame, & Happiness

“To succeed in your professional life isn’t that hard, but to succeed in your personal life is a lot harder. To really be a human is a lot harder. We forget about that.” – Yann Arthus-Bertand, director of the film Human, from which the clip below was taken from. Celebrities using their voice to inspire people and create […]