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prince Philosophy

8 Thought Provoking Quotes From The Late, Great Prince

Sunday marked the cremation of the legendary singer and musician Prince, who tragically passed away on April 21st at the age of 57. Over the course of his career, Prince impacted a great many of us through his music, making us smile, dance, laugh, cry, and everything in between. But over his too-short life, Prince also managed […]
bluecollar_whitecollar Awareness

How Humanity Can Break Free Of Social Class Hierarchys

As I watch television and the mainstream media with the audio muted, it occurs to me that what is happening in society is the striation into classes by perceptions mainly disseminated by the media, especially entertainment and commercials. It is not so much that wealth creates class, although that has quite a bit to do […]
george Philosophy

People Were Asked: ‘What Quote Has Actually Stuck With You & Changed Your Life?’

We all carry little snippets of wisdom around with us — quotes from authors, philosophers, or other figures who inspire us and whose words left a mark on our minds. I have my own favourites, of course, such as: “My body is my temple”; ” This too shall pass”; and “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” […]
ancient Philosophy

Ancient & Modern Wisdom Are Much More Connected To Consciousness Than We Think

Recently I watched as Deepak Chopra used a synergy between neuroscience and Vedanta to describe 5 levels of consciousness at the Shrine Auditorium with Eckhart Tolle: Deep sleep Awareness without experience Dream sleep Subject object split Waking state One activity Subject object split Transcendent consciousness “Now” state of awareness — an ever present witness is […]
intu Philosophy

How To Access Your Intuition (Gut Instinct)

As someone who has often been led by her emotions, I can tell you that this is not the best way to navigate life. Emotions are important but ultimately unreliable when it comes to making decisions. Many people have made a decision because they felt like they were going with their gut, but it still led them […]
relay Philosophy

6 Things To Know About Karma & Relationships

Every day, sparks are ignited between two people. Good chemistry with another person can be intense in itself. When those sparks are flying you might feel your heart beat faster and your palms become sweatier.  They’re at the forefront of your time and your thoughts, and this is a normal and beautiful experience. But on […]
C4-consciousness Philosophy

The Human Wonders Science Can’t Yet Explain But Must Explore

When confronting scientific authorities it can be daunting to have the results of your own personal experience and inquiry questioned. I am frequently accused of being “woo woo” when I suggest that the only thing we know for sure is that we exist. As I mentioned in my article on the amazing evening at the […]
YOGA Philosophy

The Most Ignored Part Of What It Means To Do Yoga: The Mainstream Way vs. The Ancient One

Photo Cred Yoga has become an immensely popular form of physical activity and relaxation in recent years. Those who practice it on a regular basis are constantly raving about its physical and mental benefits, and rightfully so. Regular practice can lead to increased strength, flexibility, and focus, and decrease one’s proneness to injury. It also enhances one’s […]