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Why Men With Dark Intentions Destroyed The Library of Alexandria

Ancient civilizations are a fascinating topic, and it's clear we have so much to learn from them when it comes to our way of life, our health, our technology, science, nature, consciousness, and the nature of reality itself. Be it information in the form of written text, or advanced ancient structur...

Awake vs. Conscious: How They Differ & Why it Matters

It seems like a very abstract idea to think of being awake as something completely different than being conscious, but they actually are two very separate functions. Just opening our eyes when it is time to get up each day gives us the impression we are mindful of what we see and how we feel, even ...

Here Are Your ‘Tarotscopes’ For December

Tarot cards have been used for decades mainly as a tool of divination. But their purpose is not just limited to fortune-telling. They can also serve as an excellent tool to seek guidance, probe a situation deeply, and meditate and set positive affirmations with to improve the quality of your life. ...

The Truth About Pet Cancer Docu-series:
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