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New Moon In Aquarius: Innovation and Collaboration

We are entering a New Moon phase in the sign of Aquarius, which is the beginning of the 29.5 day Moon cycle. It will also mark the Chinese New Year of the ‘Fire Monkey,’ which is associated with adventure, imagination, inventiveness, and versatility, as well as irritability and volatility. The New Moon will take place […]
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New Moon In Capricorn: Cultivating Excellence

A New Moon in Capricorn is occurring on the heels of Mercury retrograding in the same sign. It will occur at 1:30am Universal Time on January 10th, which works out to be January 9th everywhere west of Europe (click here for your time zone). This is the beginning of the 29.5 day Lunar cycle that […]
Pathogen Awareness

The Pesky Pathogens That Can Cause Cancer: What You Can Do About It

In the age of awakening, it seems everyone is finding their own personal truth about health and productive life changes. It is quite frustrating that often even with the strictest of GMO free, organic, gluten free, vegan or vegetarian diet, we are still unable to overcome some persistent health issues. Most of us are not satisfied […]
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Why Chaos Always Seems To Have Such Grand Potential

We have been experiencing “chaos as grand potential” throughout our entire history. From the first potential of life that exploded from the stars and hurled across a universe in chaotic fashion, to the evolution of all species on our Earth, to the splitting of cells that form life in a mother’s womb. Growth and evolution […]
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Psilocybin: A Spiritual Experience That Has The Potential To Unearth Your True Self

Since 2010 I have been exploring what it means to cultivate a spiritual practice with psilocybin, otherwise known as “magic mushrooms.” I have since written two full-length books—Decomposing The Shadow (2013) and The True Light Of Darkness (2015)—and given several public presentations on the subject. The primary lesson I have gained through my work with […]