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What Is True Love & How To Let It Happen To You

There was a Granny who had a brace of flying ducks. They spent most of their time sitting and resting on a nearby shed watching the neighbourhood. Every now and then Granny would catch a duck for a dinner. She  threw duck food on the ground then waited for them to come closer until  she […]
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20 Quotes About Mountains That Will Make You Want To Conquer Them

There is a connection to mountains that many of us crave. We seek solace in their grandiose statures. We find stillness from our minds in the music that they play; in the stimulation that visually erupts from the vibrant juxtapositions of landscape, in the whooshing winds that kiss our faces, in the sun that peeks through […]
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5 Quotes To Help You Return To Your Natural State

In Buddhism, attachment is one of the key hindrances that causes suffering among humans. The Buddha taught that attachment generates craving, wanting, and insecurity. Attachment is the wanting to hold onto and keep a permanent state and not be separated from a thing or person. The general principle behind non-attachment is to cultivate a mind […]
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Why I Pray To Myself & Not Some External Power

A friend recently asked if I ever prayed for anything. My response was yes, but not in the conventional way. I don’t pray for intervention in the world, but for intervention in my mind, for that’s where I most need help. We usually think of prayer as an appeal to some higher power. We might […]
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Global Consciousness: The Mind-Blowing Effects Of Mass Meditation

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is one of the most fascinating, revolutionary, and useful research initiatives being carried out in the world today. Its potential to improve the quality of our life is infinite, with the scientific method being its only hindrance – to prove beyond reasonable doubt that we are all one. GCP is the brainchild of […]
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Tantric Intimacy & Sex: Why It Can Be So Important

Many people begin the journey into tantra because they hear that they can have AMAZING SEX!! (And who doesn’t want that?) Others feel the mystical call of the ancient spiritual path of tantra — the desire to experience the divine in every moment of their lives, the desire to truly awaken to their full divine/human potential. […]
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Solar Eclipse In Virgo: A Shift In Our Duties

On September 13th at 6:41 am Universal Time,  we will be having a partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo. It will be visible only in Southern Africa, parts of Antarctica, and from the ocean in between those continents. In astrology, solar eclipses are associated with shifts and new beginnings in our lives. It is a super-charged […]
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The Art Of Sexual Kung Fu

Originally the Taoist sexual exercises were known as “Kung Fu.” The first word, kung, means skillful work, hard training, or endeavor. The second, fu, means time spent. This would imply it is an art that needs to be practiced in order to achieve any considerable satisfaction. Sexual kung fu is just that, an expression of […]
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Is Meditation An Opiate Or A Revolutionary Act?

Mindfulness is under attack. Much has been written in the past few years about the unfortunate secularization of this Buddhist meditation technique.  Strong opinions are held on both sides of the issue. In this article, I will explore what’s being said and offer some opinions of my own. The Criticism Purser and Loy’s Beyond Mindfulness […]