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Eye Gazing: Science Reveals How It Affects Our Communication

Eye gazing is one of the most powerful practices on this planet, allowing us to experience a deeper connection to ourself and others. Many people, including myself, have had indescribable experiences while eye gazing, such as seeing auras, past lives, and other images. By simply looking into another...

10 Life Changing Books That Have Resonated With Millions of People

Thousands upon thousands of personal development and spirituality books fill the shelves of your local book store. While they all offer wonderful food for thought, here are 10 in particular that you shouldn't miss out on.  The world of literature is a magical one. Despite being equipped with...

New Moon In Sagittarius: A Turning Point

We are starting a new lunar cycle in Sagittarius on November 29th at 12:18pm Universal Time. Each New Moon brings in a new wave of energy which plays out over the following 29 days. This one is an opportunity for us to work with the Sagittarian energy in new ways through conscious intention and acti...

Super Moon In Taurus: Unleashing Our Gifts

We are having a Full Moon in Taurus on November 14th and in the early hours of the 15th in eastern Australia and New Zealand. In the Western part of the Americas, it will appear the most Full on the night of the 13th. Like last month, it will be another 'Super Moon', which is when it is closest to...

15 Powerful Quotes From Eckhart Tolle

I come from a small town in Maine. I have had anxiety my entire life, but it wasn't until a series of panic attacks when I was 19 that I finally went to my doctor to discuss a solution. I remember feeling so comforted and supported by my doctor. He didn't try to push pills on me. Everything was a su...

8 Traits That Can Halt & End A Relationship Easily

What are new love affairs made of? Butterflies and rainbows. Fantasies and dreams. Sex that makes your toes curl spiced with passionate screams.  These are the things new love affairs are made of.  End scene. Exit characters. Time to face reality. Falling in love has always made my head spin, in a ...
eye gazing

The Powerful Practice of Eye Gazing

The very first time I experienced eye gazing I was floored by what I felt and saw. The connection you feel with another human being, the visualizations of past lives, future potentials and more, all can become very real while engaging in this exercise. Of course, there are many different intentions...