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Super Moon In Cancer: Pursuing Dreams

We are starting off 2018 with a Super Full Moon In Cancer peaking on January 1st-2nd. This will also be the first of two Full Moons in the calendar month of January, making the next one a 'Blue Moon' which will also be a Lunar Eclipse. A Super Moon is a Full Moon that is closer in distance to the Ea...

New Moon In Sagittarius: Finding Your Truth

We are having a New Moon in Sagittarius on December 18 at 6:30am Universal Time which will work out to be late night of the 17th for those in the Americas. New Moons are the start of a new new lunar cycle bringing in a new wave of energy for the coming month. Mercury is finishing up its retrograde ...

Teal Swan and JP Sears: “Avoid the Shadow Side of Spirituality”

Teal Swan and JP Sears are both pioneers and New Age thought leaders of our time. Teal is a renowned spiritual teacher, best-selling Hay House author, and international speaker with over 400,000 YouTube subscribers on her Ask Teal channel. She shares incredible wisdom through her developed healin...

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