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The Popular Yet Toxic Ingredient Found In Many ‘Healthy Foods’

The drive to being a health conscious person is becoming more and more common as we uncover the truth about how many of the everyday foods we eat are produced. In turn, people will stop eating these products, which inevitably forces manufacturers to use better products, or just less artificial ingre...

Shocking Fast Food Statistics & How You Can Begin To Eat Better

We all know that people are eating a lot of fast food, and in many cases a lot more than they should! In fact, some experts recommend no fast food at all, as it virtually isn’t going to do your body any favours – even if you are choosing the so-called “healthy” options on the menu. It appears that t...

How To Make The Easy Switch To Natural Deodorant

I've tried to make the switch from toxic deodorant to the natural kind quite a few times in my life. But every time I tried, I'd find myself sweating more than usual, and stinking up a room. What was going on? It makes sense that we don't want to smell, but why would we subject ourselves to ingredi...

Why Doctors Are Recommending Yoga for Lower Back Pain Over Opioids

It's no secret that the abuse of and addiction to opioids, including heroin, morphine, and prescription pain relievers, is a serious global problem harming the social and economic welfare of all societies and the health of many individuals within them. The more loved ones we lose and the more famili...

New Cannabis Patch Treats Fibromyalgia & Diabetic Nerve Pain

Over the past 100 years, cannabis has gone from being legal, to illegal, to entering a strange legal grey area in our society. The stigma surrounding cannabis has pushed people to believe that it's a "drug" that's poor for your health, when in reality, it's a plant that has incredible healing proper...

Hallucinations Are Much More Common Than We Think

When certain experiences fall outside of societal norms, people tend to keep their personal events to themselves. For instance, you probably don't hear people walking down the street talking about their hallucinations as candidly as they do, say, their dreams. But new research has found that the fo...