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Here’s How Brazilian Wasp Venom Destroys Cancer Cells

Nature is full of medicine, and with a staggering 50 percent of us likely to receve a cancer diagnosis within our lifetimes, it’s time to start paying more attention to the healing potential of the natural world. For example, did you know that 25 percent of the active ingredients in cancer drugs are found only in the […]
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Can You Avoid A Hangover After A Night Of Heavy Drinking?

Food truck and hot dog stand vendors know, the best time to set up shop is on a Friday or Saturday night around 1:30-4am. Why? Because after a heavy night of drinking, most people are on the lookout for some quick and greasy food. Some are legitimately hungry, while others eat because they believe that […]
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The Rebound Effect: How Efficiency Can Make Us Spend More

“Just as the pain of an artist can lead to brilliant creativity so too can the pain of the world lead us to a brighter future if we can mix the courage of our convictions with a good dose of humility.” – Peter Charles Downey (director, composer, and activist) Many of us think of ourselves as ‘environmentally […]
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The 40 Hour Work Week & More: How Culture Has Made Us “Hungry Ghosts”

Consumerism is Heavily Nurtured by Corporations Here in the West, a lifestyle of unnecessary spending has been deliberately cultivated and nurtured in the public by big business. Companies in all kinds of industries have a huge stake in the public’s penchant to be frivolous with its spending, and in the documentary “The Corporation,” a marketing […]
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Chemo Drugs For Life Or Raw Milk? Ulcerative Colitis Cured?

Below you can watch the full interview to hear Doug’s journey firsthand and learn how he cured himself with raw milk, fermented foods, and a high fat diet. (If you’re more of a reader, see the write-up underneath!) Doug went from pharmaceuticals, to steroids, to chemotherapy drugs, and then even faced surgery to remove his […]
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How Your Body Fat Affects Your Response to Stress

Two University of Florida health researchers have uncovered an interesting phenomenon regarding body fat. It now looks as though our fat actually ‘talks’ to our brains by sending signals that affect our metabolism and how we deal with stress. The exact pathway of those signals is still being discovered, but the researchers believe uncovering this information […]
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5 Facts About Depression Nobody Ever Talks About

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression, making it the leading cause of disability worldwide. It is also classified  as a mental disorder, but does it truly fit that classification? Anti-Depressants May Worsen Depression A good deal of research suggests antidepressants might actually worsen depression. For example, […]