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The Many Names That Sugar Hides Under & What You Can Use Instead

We all know the common ones, but what other names does sugar hide under? And what healthier alternative can we use instead? Despite growing up in a relatively strict household, I, like so many other kids, spent the majority of my child and teenage years addicted to sugar. If my parents wouldn...

How Refined Sugar Is Made & Why It’s Not Vegan-Friendly

A growing amount of the global population is reducing their meat intake. Whether it is for health, religious, environmental, or moral reasons, plant-based diets are on the rise. However, eating a cruelty-free diet may not be as easy as you’d think. I stopped eating meat about four years ago, and sin...

Ladies, Is It Time To Finally Remove Your Bra…For Good?!

Did you know that wearing a bra can restrict and compress the already very thin lymphatic vessels? This can lead to a buildup of toxic fluid which would otherwise be drained through the system. When these vessels are constricted or closed, it's more difficult for oxygen and nutrients to be delivered...

So… It Turns Out You Can Kill Cancer After All

Speaking with their urologist at the time, they were left with what felt like impossible options. Pee in a bag for the rest of her life or "create a neo bladder out of intestinal material. Oh, but there are drawbacks to that," he mentioned. Jeff Witzeman shared his and his wife's (Kerry) incredible...