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heavy_metals Awareness

6 Potent Superfoods That Help You Remove Heavy Metals From Your Body

It’s pretty safe to say that nearly every person on this planet has been exposed to heavy metals at some point during their lives, and unfortunately, many people are exposed daily. Heavy metal toxicity is a surprisingly common condition which can lead to some serious illnesses. Whether they are coming from vaccines, foods, cosmetics, metal fillings, or water, these […]
hbot Awareness

Study Shows HBOT As Reliable Treatment For Fibromyalgia

According to researchers of Rice University and some institutes in Israel, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) may be helpful for women suffering from fibromyalgia. A clinical trial carried out on women with this disorder disclosed an improvement in the painful condition for each of the 48 women who underwent 2 months of HBOT for fibromyalgia treatment. Brain scans taken […]
essential-oils Awareness

9 Natural Healing Essential Oils To Have In Your Home

Essential oils can do much more than just produce lovely smells to make your home or bath smell pretty. Being highly concentrated oils from herbs, spices, and other plants, they hold some amazing healing properties. Essential oils are wonderful because they are completely natural and often do a better job than their synthetic, chemically-laden counterfeits. If you are interested […]
soil Awareness

How You Can Get ‘High’ On Dirt

No, we’re not talking about the type of high cannabis or psychedelics might provide. We’re talking about being high on life, feeling good and warding off depression and other lower states of feeling. That’s what new research is saying about dirt! With a plethora of pills on the market today to help ease and eliminate depression, […]
bluecollar_whitecollar Awareness

How Humanity Can Break Free Of Social Class Hierarchys

As I watch television and the mainstream media with the audio muted, it occurs to me that what is happening in society is the striation into classes by perceptions mainly disseminated by the media, especially entertainment and commercials. It is not so much that wealth creates class, although that has quite a bit to do […]
cannabis Awareness

A Basketball-Sized Mass Of Lymphoblasts Was In Her Chest & Her Parents Said No To Full Body Radiation

It wasn’t long ago that a group of federal researchers commissioned by the United States government discovered that the two most common cannabinoids in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), weaken the ferocity of cancer cells and render them more susceptible to radiation treatment. This marked a major shift in the federal stance on cannabis, particularly since, historically, the […]
gut Awareness

How Inflammation Could Be Preventing You From Losing Weight & Foods To Help You Combat It

Many people believe that inflammation causes a variety of ailments and diseases, and this is true, at least to some degree. But inflammation is also a natural, healthy response to cellular damage, and the response of a healthy immune system to a perceived threat. Chronic Inflammation, however, is a symptom of something negative happening in the body, and it forces us […]
weight Awareness

Why You Should Consider Eating 5 Times A Day To Lose Weight

There are a surprisingly large number of ways to be healthier. For example writing can improve your health, helping your body heal faster, reducing stress, and improving your mood, among other benefits. Similarly, getting enough sleep is very good for you, with it reducing your craving for junk food, curbing inflammation, and even extending your […]
food Awareness

Understanding Carbs: The Good, The Bad, & How To Make The Right Choices

So many diet fads have come and gone that it’s simply impossible to keep up with what’s good and what’s bad. Carbohydrates have been under scrutiny for some time now, with some saying they should be avoided altogether — an opinion supported by claims that they cause obesity and type 2 diabetes — and others, like our own dietary guidelines, saying half of […]