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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Nuts In An Infographic

I don’t know about you, but I feel like nuts don’t get enough credit. They are loaded with so many vitamins and minerals and are a fantastic source of protein. We are always hearing about this superfood, and that superfood, but it seems to me that nuts don’t make the cut nearly as often as they deserve. […]
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Is Vitamin B17 The Greatest Cover Up In The History Of Cancer?

It has been becoming increasingly apparent in recent years that there are a number of alternative cancer treatment methods which have proven to either eradicate cancer cells on their own, or even assist with the more traditional methods of chemotherapy and radiation. Many of these alternative treatments do not get the recognition that they deserve from either mainstream media or mainstream […]
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5 Things All Parents, Teachers & Doctors Need To Know About Autism & ADHD

It’s no secret that autism and ADHD rates are skyrocketing. Every single year we see dramatic increases in diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or ADHD, and with these observed increases comes a need for more awareness and education about how these diagnoses are most often made and what environmental factors are contributing to the problem. […]
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5 Non-Toxic Product Swaps For A Healthy Lifestyle

You don’t scour the aisles of the store looking for toxic products, right? That’s because no one is looking to harm themselves by being exposed to toxic chemicals that can wreak havoc on their health both in the short term as well as the long term. But unfortunately, you don’t have to look for such things, because […]
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7 Great Exercises To Build A Healthy Spine

In our current age of excessive sitting and sedentary lifestyles, back pain is an incredibly common problem — one that I experience myself quite a bit when I don’t take the necessary steps to keep my body loose. About 10 years ago I was digging a pond in my backyard. The project involved an incredible […]
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8 Things You Should Throw Away Immediately For Better Health

Human beings have adopted a lifestyle that doesn’t really take health into consideration, especially when we are talking about the large number of products that we choose to surround ourselves with on a daily basis, many of which have serious health concerns associated with them. What’s even more troubling is the fact that these products […]
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How 6 People Reversed Their Diabetes In 30 Days

There’s a good chance you know someone with diabetes give how common it is today, and I think it’s important people start getting to know what others have been doing to treat and cure their diabetes so people can find out if these solutions can work for them. When I think of diabetes, I don’t […]