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“Flu-Mongering” says

Let's stop playing the games, falling into the drama and listening to the TV where health officials are fear mongering the public into thinking H1N1 is some sort of threat. H1N1 is possibly the biggest dud we have seen in terms of a virus to be scared of and immunized against. Take a look around, it...

The Protein Myth

The minute you share with someone that you are a vegan or that you follow a raw food diet, a common first response is “ …our body’s need meat, we need protein. Where do you get your protein?” In this article we look deeper into what we are commonly told and discover what our bodies really need, and ...
Extracting Influenza Virus Vaccine

More GBS from H1N1 Vaccine

A 14 year old boy has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome hours after receiving his H1N1 vaccine. The boy had received his H1N1 vaccine and a few hours later began to have chills and was feeling weak. A few more hours later he was having spasms related to neurological issues. This is not th...
Fruits-and-veggies (1)

The “Raw” Truth

Eating a raw food diet means exactly that.  Your food intake consists of raw and dried fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, seeds, oils, legumes and sprouts.  The purpose of eating raw is to fuel your body with the most sufficient natural sources of vitamins, minerals and enzymes for an optimal h...

Canada’s Doctors Told to Stop Using Swine Flu Vaccine

I came across an article this morning that, in truth, doesn't surprise me at all, but may surprise many people who have not yet come to terms in believing that this is possible. You can read the official article here: I don't know what it's going to ...

Vaccinations from a Naturopathic Perspective

I know I know. Swine Flu hype has been everywhere! As for Collective Evolution, we have been working on some new improvements and surprises coming very soon. We are also trying to assist with spreading some awareness on these vaccines, and the motives behind them. Here is an article that I received...

Top Doc says “Do Not Panic Over H1N1”

The media has been all over the recent H1N1 stories pumping fear and negativity out into the collective. But here is a story that comes from the media and does the exact opposite. Some light within the media. Former top medical chief in Ontario has come forward stating that H1N1 is no more a big de...

H1N1 Ad Campaign

I recently came across an article from in Toronto that talked about how officials are devising an ad campaign that is going to try to persuade more Canadians into getting the H1N1 vaccination. The article talks about how the government is concerned about the decline in importance reg...

Obama: “Swine Flu National Emergency”

President Barack Obama has declared Swine Flu a National Emergency. This not only raises more fear and propaganda around swine flu, but now medical officials have the right to bypass certain requirements due to the fact that it has now become a National Emergency. The speed at which the Dark Forc...