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13 Effective Ways To Purify & Freshen The Air In Your Home Naturally

Who doesn’t like a lovely, fresh smelling home? Nothing beats the smell of fresh linen, pine forests, or spring meadows, right? Air fresheners — plug-ins, gels, aerosols, candles, incense — are a staple in many American households, and while they may smell great and evoke feelings of contentment or ...

10 Ways That Minimalism Can Change Your Life

  The minimalist movement — a lifestyle which opposes the Western consumerist ideal  — has been gaining popularity in recent years, as more and more each day we are bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands, of advertisements all geared towards the same thing — convincing us to buy more. Consu...

Hypnosis: What It Really Is & How It Could Work For You

There are a few things we need to straighten out before we find out if hypnotherapy is right for you. First of all, most people have a huge misconception about what hypnotherapy really is. You are familiar with stage hypnotists who go through an audience selecting future chicken cluckers and other ...
content young man sitting meditating in comfy chair

Why I Meditate                       

I have been searching for “answers” most of my life and have written about an epiphany in 2007 when I watched a TED video in which geneticist Juan Enriquez spoke of DNA not as “like” software, but as encoded instructions. At that time I was struck by the reality (as opposed to the abstract notion) ...

Top 5 Ways To Bring Feng Shui Into Your Spring Cleaning

Taking care of the space we occupy the most, our homes, is vital to our well-being, and spring is the absolute best season to tackle this cleansing, as it marks a natural time for renewal, manifestation, celebration, and love. Feng shui is perfect for this because it harmonizes your energy with that...