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Top 5 Ways To Bring Feng Shui Into Your Spring Cleaning

Taking care of the space we occupy the most, our homes, is vital to our well-being, and spring is the absolute best season to tackle this cleansing, as it marks a natural time for renewal, manifestation, celebration, and love. Feng shui is perfect for this because it harmonizes your energy with that...

Why You Should Consider Going To An Organic Hair Salon

Since making the transition over to organic foods and products, I have asked myself many times why I still go to a traditional salon. I didn't even know organic salons existed until one of our writers, Organic Olivia, raved about her experience at Mauricio Hair, the first non-toxic/organic salon in ...

20 Healthy Weight Loss Techniques That Are Actually Science-Backed

Eat this. Stay away from that. We hear it a lot in the weight loss industry, as each idea turns into a program that turns into a trend. But let's be honest: How often do we think about diet fads that have come and gone and shake our heads that they were EVER a real thing? This industry is full of r...

Food Is The Problem & Solution: This Video Will Knock Your Socks Off

South Central Los Angeles is notorious for its drive-by shootings, where shooters kill their victims without ever leaving their cars. And it’s also the home of drive-through restaurants where people eat fast food without ever leaving their cars. Why does Ron Finley, the “gangsta’ gardener,” say tha...

What Happens To Your Mind When You Make Your Bed (Video)

If you're an avid reader of Collective Evolution material then you may know that we are passionate about actually being the change you wish to see in the world and encouraging others to do the same; it's how we adopted our slogan, "Be Change." How does this all link to making your bed? Stick with ...