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The Secret Of Immunity & How To Detox Each Of Your Systems

Our bodies are not made imperfectly. Environmental toxins exposed to us in utero & throughout our lives can alter our genes, leading to physical disorders. Sugar, refined carbs & foodlike products, pesticides, heavy metals, parasites, viruses, bacteria, stress, spiritual shallowness, hormone disrupters, and masking your own personal truth all lead to genetic derangements. Mind, body […]

An App That Helps You Find Healthy Food Near You

Do you have trouble finding healthy places to eat while travelling? Do you follow a specific diet and wish you could easily find restaurants that cater to your needs? Are you looking for organic, fair-trade, or local ingredients and wonder where is the nearest grocery store that offers these options? Do you want to support healthy and conscious businesses yet wonder […]
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11 Tips To Eliminate Your Daily Stress

Stress is something that I’d say we’ve all had to deal with at various points in our life. Some of us more than others, depending on a variety of different factors, with our reaction to it often being a predominant one. If left untreated, stress can actually develop into of a number of challenges within […]
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How To Cleanse & Detox Your Body On a Cellular Level

Do you have more toxins coming in than going out? Vibrant living is all about raising personal awareness in each aspect (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, relationships, and purpose). There is a mental, physical and spiritual side to many of the challenges we face. In that sense, we can focus on a number of ways to […]
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How To Fall Asleep In Minutes

Everyone has had a difficult time falling asleep at one point or another, but it becomes a problem when it happens frequently. A lack of sleep can cause difficulty in concentration and problem solving, emotional imbalances, lowered immunity, and serious health issues like stroke, high blood pressure, and heart disease. If you’re having difficulty sleeping, try out these 4 powerful […]
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20 Quotes About Mountains That Will Make You Want To Conquer Them

There is a connection to mountains that many of us crave. We seek solace in their grandiose statures. We find stillness from our minds in the music that they play; in the stimulation that visually erupts from the vibrant juxtapositions of landscape, in the whooshing winds that kiss our faces, in the sun that peeks through […]
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5 Ways To Restore Your Skin That Don’t Include Botox

I recently overheard a friend saying she was behind on her Botox treatments. While it’s a word thrown around in the circles of many middle-aged women, I was utterly shocked to be hearing my 20-something friend frantically blurting out how she’s been so busy that she hasn’t had time to spend a lump sum of cash […]
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Have You Been Throwing Away The Healthiest Part Of Your Avocado?

Avocados are probably one of the greatest foods of all time, and not just because they taste so darn good! They are also extremely beneficial to your health and remarkably versatile in the kitchen. Offering a very wide array of medicinal properties, they are loaded with healthy fats, lutein, vitamin K, and folate, among many other vitamins […]