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6 Reasons Why Walking Is One Of The Best Workouts

Enjoy better health and experience the benefits of walking for fun and fitness. Here are four reasons you should consider walking, and seven helpful tips. Walking for Exercise Walking is easier on your body than exercise that is more vigorous, such as running and competitive sports, but that doe...
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Stuck Sitting All Day? 6 Stretches You Can Do To Offset It

For most of us, sitting at a desk for seven or eight hours a day is a daily necessity. Coupled with the one to two hours that we also tend to spend travelling to and from that desk, not to mention the couch time we log once we're home, our lives have become undeniably (and increasingly) sedentary. ...

The 5 Tibetan Rites (Yoga Poses) That Promote Anti-Aging

In many societies, people are encouraged and feel pressured to make themselves appear more youthful. People dye their hair, use anti-aging products, get plastic surgery, take pharmaceutical drugs, and wear certain attire, all in an effort to look younger than their actual age. What if I told you th...
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What’s Blocking You From Reaching Your Fitness Goals

It seems like everyone we know who’s improved their fitness has inevitably reverted back to old habits. There are so few of us who make lifelong transformations (that’s why they are so inspiring). What is the secret of those who make a permanent change in their lives? The answer is simple: they mad...

7 Ways To Stop Your Excuses For Not Exercising

We've all been there. We had every intention of going to the gym this morning but somehow just never made it there. We woke up to the tyranny of our alarm before the sun had even risen and thought to ourselves, "Do I really need to go to the gym today?" As if the answer was ever really in doubt. Dec...

Why Fitness & Exercise Actually Matters (Motivating Video)

"One of the top reasons why a person checks into assisted living, is  because they can't get off the toilet. Because they can't do a half rep of a body weight squat to get off the toilet, and so they have to have someone taking care of them." Physical exercise is absolutely necessary for mainta...

8 Quotes From Successful Athletes That Will Amp You Up

For many of us, there are few things we struggle to find the motivation for more than regular exercise. Whether we are looking to put on some muscle or to shed a few pounds, the physical effort and psychological fortitude that a consistent workout routine requires is unfortunately a taller mental mo...