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Why Fitness & Exercise Actually Matters (Motivating Video)

"One of the top reasons why a person checks into assisted living, is  because they can't get off the toilet. Because they can't do a half rep of a body weight squat to get off the toilet, and so they have to have someone taking care of them." Physical exercise is absolutely necessary for mainta...

8 Quotes From Successful Athletes That Will Amp You Up

For many of us, there are few things we struggle to find the motivation for more than regular exercise. Whether we are looking to put on some muscle or to shed a few pounds, the physical effort and psychological fortitude that a consistent workout routine requires is unfortunately a taller mental mo...

10 Activities To Help Seniors Who Experience Joint Pain

Joint pain is a common problem for senior citizens. As we age, our joints, bones, and muscles begin to lose their strength as they begin to break down. It is something that many people will experience as they age but there are activities that you can take part in that will help provide joint pain re...
Quotes about mountains that will move you.

20 Quotes About Mountains That Will Make You Want To Conquer Them

There is a connection to mountains that many of us crave. We seek solace in their grandiose statures. We find stillness from our minds in the music that they play; in the stimulation that visually erupts from the vibrant juxtapositions of landscape, in the whooshing winds that kiss our faces, in the...
natural sunscreen

5 Ways To Restore Your Skin That Don’t Include Botox

I recently overheard a friend saying she was behind on her Botox treatments. While it’s a word thrown around in the circles of many middle-aged women, I was utterly shocked to be hearing my 20-something friend frantically blurting out how she’s been so busy that she hasn’t had time to spend a lump s...

Watch This Video While Standing Up, It May Just Save Your Life

We all know that getting adequate daily exercise is important for our health. Because of this, many of us regularly commit a portion of our day to either going for a run or hitting the gym, which certainly helps, but is it enough? It appears that if, aside from our designated active time, the bulk ...

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