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15 Delicious Vegan Lunch Ideas That You Can Bring To Work

Whether you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, enjoy some meatless meals, or simply prefer lighter fare at lunchtime, I'm certain this article has something for you. If you need some new inspiration for meat-free lunch ideas that can be easily packed up and taken to work — or on a picnic! — then you...

7 Simple & Delicious Vegan Slow Cooker Recipes

The colder months call for deliciousness in the kitchen filled with warmth. Something I miss as we head into winter are the longer days filled with endless light. But each phase of the year brings about a time to embrace the beauty of what it beholds, and so I've focused on the ways this time of yea...

How To Save $100 A Week By Cooking Vegan Meals

Being a Paleo vegan is much more difficult than choosing between one or the other. There are many dietary restrictions to worry about, and prices can get high if they aren’t monitored — not to mention the constant struggle to find essential vitamins and proteins. Lucky for you there are ways to fin...

17 Paleo Desserts That Vegetarians Love

The Paleo diet and vegetarianism might seem like diametrically opposed eating styles, but when it comes to dessert, even the unlikeliest of bedfellows can come together for something great. And so, in the unifying spirit of dessert, we’re bringing the two diets together for healthy, sweet treats. ...

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