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The Health Benefits of Astragalus

Astragalus benefits are numerous and include the ability to boost energy levels, alleviate allergies, protect heart health, prevent various cancers, and relieve chemo side effects, among many others. Astragalus, also known for its immune boosting properties, has been used for thousands of years. It ...

One Of The Most Surprising Ways To Tell How Healthy You Are

So many of us disregard the health of our mouths, when in reality our oral health can affect the health of our entire bodies. This isn't new knowledge (though many studies have proven correlation between oral health and different diseases), as Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners have used the mouth to determine one's overall health for many years.

7 Essential Oils You Should Take To Help You Sleep — And 3 To Avoid

To many, essential oils are simply a way to make yourself or your home smell good. However, essential oils are so much more powerful than that, and in many cases they can treat or cure numerous ailments. Essential oils aren't something to joke around with, either. If you're pregnant, take pharmaceu...

Were Those Who Roamed The Earth Before Us Nearly All Vegetarian?

*The title of this article was inspired by a guest post written for Scientific American If you're considering a vegan/vegetarian diet, modern day science is showing that it is completely natural, and that our bodies our totally capable of sustaining one. In fact, a lot of evidence is showing that a...