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The Truth Behind Those Perfect Instagram Pictures

Just over two weeks ago I put together an article centred around an instagram account that uses a barbie doll to show us all how fake we can be on social media. It now appears that Chompoo Baritone, a photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand, has joined the ranks of online wizards who are using their talents […]
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12 Year Old Completes Cancer Treatment – That’s When The Hospital Staff Took It One Step Further

To see anyone have to go through the trials and tribulations of battling a serious disease such as cancer is incredibly difficult. It becomes even more heartbreaking when that person is a child, like Sophia Petikas, who was diagnosed with scoliosis several years ago and has been battling a variety of conditions ever since. Sophia recently completed […]
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This Video Will Change The Way You Look At Privilege

What is privilege? Do you feel privileged in your life? Were you raised in a privileged family and able to attend a decent school? Do you recognize whether you are privileged or not? To some this term can simply mean being raised in a Westernized country and having immediate access to running water and food. […]
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What Is This UNICEF Commercial Really Trying To Tell Us?

UNICEF is an international program under the United Nations that “provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries.” Their chapter in Chile recently put out a video on their Facebook page, which they cryptically titled “To meet someone different is a great opportunity to live valuable experiences. Let’s say yes […]