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Why Empathy Is So Important in Everyday Life (Video)

You've surely heard the saying, "You can't understand someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes." The person who first offered this wisdom is lost to history, but it's become so ingrained in our vernacular because of the importance empathy has in life. Because each and every one of us is an...

The True Cost of Your Cute Lion or Tiger ‘Selfie’ (Video)

Many of us have seen them, and some of us have either taken them ourselves, or been envious of those friends that have been able to travel to distant countries and get up close and personal with tigers and lions to get that coveted selfie. Guaranteeing a slew of Facebook likes and comments, this pic...

150 Documentaries To Expand Your Consciousness!

In the search for enlightening information, here is an awesome list of expansive documentaries from a few different websites. 1. Home (2009) 2. Thrive (2011) 3. Paradise or Oblivion (2012) 4. Love, Reality and the Time of Transition (2011) 5. Earthlings (2005) 6. Everything You Kno...

Powerful Video Exposes The Harmful Effects Of Objectifying Women

What does advertising stand to do? Sell an idea? Product? Brand?  This can't be so bad. But it's what is used and how it's used that makes advertising such a detriment to our society. Women have long been the focus for selling things. Tall and skinny, perfect hair and smooth skin — these are all wha...

Watch: A Powerful Video Gives Families A Much Needed Wake-Up Call

Dead or alive, who would you most like to have dinner with? It's a question that many of us have been asked before. I personally have had it posed to me a number of times, both by friends when bored and even once on an awkward first (and ultimately last) date. When asked, most of us will draw upon...