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The One Thing We All Do In The Same Language (VIDEO)

When I was first compelled to make this video, I was inspired by a quote which naturally ended up being the title for the film: “WE ALL SMILE IN THE SAME LANGUAGE.” I saw intimate, up-close headshots of a span of colourful faces displaying the beauty and diversity of our species. The mission was simple: […]
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WATCH: A Single Dad Explains The Real Reason Why He Is Homeless

Homelessness is an evidently apparent issue in cities all over the world. As I recently shared in another article I wrote on the subject, according to the Covenant House -Canada’s largest homeless youth agency -there are at least 10,000 young adults homeless during a given year in the city of Toronto alone (where CE is based), […]
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The Truth Behind Those Perfect Instagram Pictures

Just over two weeks ago I put together an article centred around an instagram account that uses a barbie doll to show us all how fake we can be on social media. It now appears that Chompoo Baritone, a photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand, has joined the ranks of online wizards who are using their talents […]