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Eye Gazing: Science Reveals How It Affects Our Communication

Eye gazing is one of the most powerful practices on this planet, allowing us to experience a deeper connection to ourself and others. Many people, including myself, have had indescribable experiences while eye gazing, such as seeing auras, past lives, and other images. By simply looking into another...

A Comet Impact With Earth Could Wipe Out The Entire Human Race

What if I told you that within the next 20 years, Earth will face an enemy that will be 1,000 times more catastrophic than the detonation of every nuclear weapon on the planet? World-renowned author Graham Hancock believes this could be our fate, and has warned the public that sometime over the nex...

SAND 2016: On the Edge of the (Un)Known

I feel so blessed to have been able to now attend four sessions of the Science and Nonduality conference in San Jose. Once again, Deepak Chopra spoke on opening night and made a powerful case for the fundamental reality of consciousness within any findings of science. With respect to mathemati...

Stephen Hawking Warns We Only Have 1,000 Years Left On Earth

According to physicist Stephen Hawking, humanity likely only has about 1,000 years left on Earth. He also warns that the only thing that could save us from certain extinction is creating colonies in other parts of the Solar System. "e must . . . continue to go into space for the future of humanity,...

Understanding the Science of Ayahuasca

In recent years, the hallucinogenic drug ayahuasca has become increasingly popular in the United States, so much so that it's become a trendy thing. But centuries ago, shamans in the Amazon rainforest began using the medicinal brew as a means for guiding people through visual and auditory hallucinat...