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First Human Being Has Their DNA Manipulated To Make White Blood Cells 20 Years Younger

Elizabeth Parris, the CEO of Bioviva USA Inc, has become the very first human being to successfully, from a biological standpoint, reverse the  age of her white blood cells, thanks to her own company’s experimental therapies. Bioviva utilizes intramural and extramural peer-reviewed research to create therapies for age-related diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart-disease), and now, they have […]
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Gender Myth Busted: Study Shows No Such Thing As Male & Female Brains

According to an article written for Psychology Today titled “Brain Differences Between Genders,” written by Gregory L. Jantz, Ph.D., the differences between genders extend far beyond physical appearance and general character traits, comprising instead major distinguishers between male and female brains. Much research supports this view. Scientists know, for example, that sex hormones begin to exert their influence during fetal development, […]
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They Will Have To Re-Write The Textbooks For This One

In a world that is always moving forward, we really can’t be all that surprised that we continue to find errors in things we so long believed to be true. Scientifically and historically, it can seem like a difficult idea to grasp, as many of us had valuable information drilled into our brains from childhood and onward that […]
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Dubai Is Set To Unveil These Spectacular Floating Apartments With Underwater Rooms

Honestly… how amazing is this? Imagine having an apartment that was half under water. Pretty cool, right? Now imagine that your already-incredible underwater apartment is in the ocean! Dubai has become well-known for innovative architecture and grandiose projects in recent years, and for good reason. Meet the latest in ambitious projects to come from the city: The Floating Seahorse, a […]
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Samsung Just Patented Smart Contact Lenses With A Built-In Camera

The world of technology never ceases to expand and amaze, and this week South Korean multinational company Samsung was granted a patent for smart contact lenses. If developed, these lenses would be equipped with a built-in camera and sensors that can be controlled through as little effort as blinking. The patent was granted by South Korea […]
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New Research Suggests What Curiosity Can Do For Your Brain

Do you ever scour the Internet, scanning articles for information, then find yourself suddenly asking yourself questions about the topic being proposed? Your curiosity to dive further into a subject might send you into a tailspin of clicks as you search for answers. According to a new study from the University of California, Davis, when our curiosity […]
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The Science Of Healing Thoughts & Why Hospitals Need To Recognize It

The interaction of our thoughts with the physical material world is of huge interest today, garnering increasing attention by academics around the world. Despite a wealth of scientific data showing that one can influence the other, and even more evidence proving that certain emotional states can lead to chronic illness, many who work in mainstream medicine remain entirely ignorant of […]
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The Incredible Science Of Precognitive Dreaming

The world of dreams is a mystery to all. We dream every night when we go to sleep, though sometimes we remember our dreams and sometimes we do not. It can be a lot of fun to relay your dreams to friends and coworkers the next day, but often their significance is only perceptible to […]
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ADD Or Something Else? Studies Reveal Creative Genius Linked To Being Easily Distracted

A study conducted last year by researchers at Northwestern University has linked creativity with an “inability to filter irrelevant sensory information,” with the startling implication being that those who have difficulty in shutting out sensory information while focusing on a specific task or creative project might, in fact, be showing signs of ‘genius.’ According to their press […]
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How Reiki Actually Works (The Science Part)

The healing art of Reiki has been practiced and taught around the world for many years, with many believing its origins to be as ancient as those of humans themselves. With scientific research now emerging attesting to the ability of human thoughts, emotions, and intentions to affect the physical material world, an increasing number of scientists, quantum physicists in particular, are stressing the […]