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Watch: A Robot Keeps Trying To Escape A Lab In Russia

Robots continue to fascinate and impress us. Built by the human brain, they often exceed our expectations, and as technology continues to progress, robots continue to become more powerful than we could have ever imagined — even confusing those who created them. This is the case for Promobot IR77, w...
mind man

New Experiments Suggest Mind Plays a Role in Physics

  The mysterious role of observers in quantum mechanics has been hotly debated for over a century. Some well-known and respected physicists urge that consciousness could play a central role in quantum measurement, while others dismiss such notions with disdain. New evidence is now surfacing t...

The New Human Narrative

Breaking Free Of The Hero Myth We humans have evolved from the days of passing information down through stories told around a campfire. Those ancient tales served as instructional tools for elders to explain the wonders and horrors of the world around them, teach children what it takes to become a...