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SpaceX To Send Two Private Citizens To The Moon Next Year

Space from the perspective of Planet Earth seems almost like a fantasy, except that science and technology continue to make it more tangible. And ever since humans first walked on the moon back in 1969, many people have dreamt of stepping off our planet to explore the very mysterious universe in whi...

Weird Life Form Found Trapped Inside Giant Underground Crystals

Trapped inside massive crystals deep in a Mexican cave, creatures have been discovered that subsist on iron, sulfur, and other chemicals. The researchers say the microbial lifeforms are new to science, but have been tucked away for tens of thousands of years. Should the discovery be verified, it ...

Why We Become Friends With Genetically Similar People

It makes sense that we choose friends based on compatibility. I mean, why would we want to form relationships with people who disagree with everything we say or do? As you grow, you may absolutely find the importance of creating a circle of friends whose perspectives differ from yours, and in fact,...

Your Favourite Music Can Get You High – Sort Of

We think of music as art, as entertainment, and as a pastime. It's personal; it's communal. Music is one of those things that, for many of us, can ignite innumerable feelings and memories in just one song, or even one verse alone. Throughout history, music was used for medicinal purposes, and resear...