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Lockheed Exec Admits Key To Space Travel Is ESP

To View More Sources For Ben Rich’s Comments Click HERE Ben Rich is a UCLA engineering alumnus who was also the director of Lockheed Martin’s super high tech aircraft division called Skunk Works from 1975 to 1991. Rich admits that the key to space travel among the stars is not necessarily advanced mechanics, or the […]
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Astronomers Discover Black Hole So Large, It Defies Current Theory Of Galaxy Evolution

The current theory about galaxy evolution states that galaxies contain black holes at their core which make up about 0.5% of the galaxy’s total mass. However, this theory was recently challenged with the discovery of a super massive central galactic black hole, named CID-947, which made up 10% of its galaxy’s mass, stirring up questions about the current theory […]
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Affordable Internet for All? Tech Giants Look To The Sky For Answers

According to some estimates, over half of the world’s population lacks internet access. In many more regions the access they do have is unreliable. Of course, this makes it difficult for people and businesses in those areas to participate in and benefit from the global online community. As communication shifts further towards the digital, these […]
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An Interview With The First Person To Play Golf On Mars… Sort Of

Jocelyn Dunn is the first person to play golf on Mars. Ok, not really on Mars, but pretty darn close. Sort of. Dunn is part of a six-person crew of faux Martian astronauts living in a facility on the Big Island of Hawaii. HI-SEAS – the Hawaii Space Exploration and Analog Simulation — is a NASA-funded […]
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Carl Sagan vs. Neil deGrasse Tyson: A Battle For The Cosmos

The universe has wonders that extend far beyond our wildest dreams. It is hard to conceptualize the actual size of the universe, let alone all of the stars, planets, and galaxies that exist within this massive space. There are two spectacular astronomers in particular who attempt to explain the extraordinary wonders of the cosmos in a way […]
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New Study Shows That Life Is Likely Abundant In Universe

So far, life as we know it has needed one ingredient to survive: water. This primordial and basic compound is essential for life on this planet, and a new study shows it is most likely very abundant in the Universe. Ilse Cleeves and Ted Bergin at the University of Michigan wanted to understand the true origin of […]
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Is Life A Random Accident? Or Is There Purpose In Our Universe

Exciting evidence is emerging from the study of stars and comets showing us the universe is far more suited to support life than we previously thought. This new evidence has dramatic implications for how we approach some of the most important global issues. Is The Universe A Life Factory? Life seems to pop up everywhere […]