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Breath-Taking Images of The Recent Full Solar Eclipse, From Space

As you probably already know, Earth experienced a total solar eclipse on August 21st. This rare astronomical event garnered plenty of attention, capturing the imaginations of people from all around the globe. I've always been fascinated by such events that happen in space, as well as chronobiology,...

NASA Finds 219 Possible Planets, Including 10 ‘Earths’

NASA recently added a whopping 219 potential planets to its increasing number of known worlds outside of our solar system. Of the new batch, it is believed there are 10 Earth-like planets, consisting of temperate, rocky worlds. One such planet, called KOI 7711.01, shows the most similarities to E...

A New Explanation For Dark Matter Could Be The Best One Yet

The term just sounds ominous. And though it makes up an estimated 85% of the total mass of the Universe, it has remained a mystery to physicists for 80 years. It outweighs ordinary matter, which consists of all the atoms that make up stars, galaxies, and clouds in the cosmos, by a factor of four to ...

Will Capitalism Ruin Other Planets After It Ruins Earth?

Life on Earth is far from perfect, and we have many issues that need tackling before we can claim to be putting care for life over care for profit. Framing these everyday circumstances against a much bigger picture, some have posed the concern that the galaxy will succumb to capitalism. Anastasia R...

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