The G and Coletti Show was created to expose people to interesting ideas and concepts that we believe will make us all better versions of ourselves or at the very least expose you to a new perspective. We interview fascinating guests and present their knowledge from our two unique perspectives. Our contrasting personalities allows for a more thorough thought provoking point of view on the theories discussed. You can expect guests that are activists, biohackers, psychedelic enthusiasts to health professionals and everything imaginable in between. We focus on increasing consciouness and being aware of the implications of our actions. Our goal is to provide our listeners with the tools to achieve what they want in their life without all the trial and error, we'll go through that for you. We put ourselves out there and put these tools into acton, not just talk about them and we encourage you to come on the journey with us. Growth is meant to be uncomfortable but together we support and learn from eachother as we all go on our own path.


Get to know us! Check in regularly to see us put ourselves out there in "The G and Coletti Challenges". We firmly believe in creating change through ACTION and not sitting on the sidelines. We will use the information and tools supplied to us from our podcast guests to experiment on ourselves. These challenges range in intensity from putting butter in our morning coffee to taking part in a psychedelic Ayahuasca Ceremony. We will not always be in control of our own fate, sometimes we will challenge each other because who knows your biggest fears as well as your friend's right? We also encourage our listeners to engage in the community and propose challenges for us to do. Stay tuned, it's going to be fun!



Recent Podcasts

Based On A True Story Ep. 1 – From the Matrix to Ayahuasca

It was a dark and stormy night.  Well, not so much stormy, as it was moist from a light rain and a little cooler than usual for October. I’d just arrived at my parents’ house in Walkerton, Ontario, after my first failed attempt at entrepreneurship. This is where I’d be staying indefinitely because I ultimately […]

EP.12 Ido Portal – Movement is Life

On this episode of the G and Coletti Show we interview the founder of Movement Culture, Ido Portal. He created a massive following of movers and he tours the world spreading his knowledge which is a culmination of dance, gymnastics, capoeira and martials arts but it is definitely not limited to these practise’s. What can […]

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G & Coletti Show : Lets Get To Know Them

The G and Coletti Show was created to expose people to interesting ideas and concepts that we believe will make us all better versions of ourselves. We interview interesting guests and present their knowledge from the unique perspectives of “the skeptic” vs “the spiritual”. This allows for a...