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Free Energy

The Copenhagen Climate Treaty is nothing more than a scene in a world political show. Copenhagen has everything to do with taxing one of the building blocks of life CO2, and further enslaving humanity. While the elite make off with billions in new tax payments from the masses. Free energy does exis...

A Free Guided Mini Meditation To Help Boost Your Energy

Meditating has a wide range of physical, mental and emotional health benefits. Numerous studies have been done to prove this. If you’re interested in learning more, a simple Google search will turn up dozens of fascinating studies about the benefits of meditation. One of my favorite side effects of...

Free Will vs. Free Won’t: Being the Scientist

Free will has been a subject for philosophers for ages, but modern neuroscience has made the discussion even more meaningful; we haven’t been able to locate a self (to exercise free will) in the brain. Nondual teacher Wayne Liquorman has an interesting take on free will. He simply says, “If you h...