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The Most Important Thing to Know About Dec 21st 2012

As I write this there are 9 days remaining until the entire world will spontaneously combust into 648 billion pieces. Obviously this isn’t true but in some minds it can certainly be a possibility. Heck isn’t anything possible? But when we really look at what is playing out in a galactic sense, as well as how many of […]
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Halloween 2012: Been there, done that…?

So another year has passed and it’s time for Halloween, where everyone dresses up and let’s loose their inner…whatever you want to call it lol…I just wanted to share how I feel about traditions that we engage in. For me, over the years I have played with various traditions, some of them being influenced by […]
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Important 2012 Predictions. READ!

At the beginning of each year whether it’s done in finance, sports, business, weather, politics, or napkin sales, predictions are made and spread out to all so they can get an idea of what is going on in the world of each category. For some people it is taken very seriously, for others it is […]
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The Perceived Power of The Illuminati

Whether it be the increased and repetitive use of particular hand gestures by an assortment of celebrities, the captured footage from places like Bohemian Grove, or the various individuals speaking out with direct past experience within the group, it is becoming increasingly apparent (borderline obvious) of the existence of a controlling elite. They control the […]
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Throughout history, mankind has always been searching for answers. Many have had the urge to find answers and question what the masses perceive as reality. This has always been frowned upon as those who claim to know ‘what is’ have always been in a position of power. Humanity has seen many of these individuals come […]
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What Is

I found myself, but not in the way I thought I would. Because “finding” yourself does not involve search, nor thought. It does not involve hoping for relief, waiting for a better day, or getting that circumstantial or “spiritual” fix for your suffering. It does not involve the “ideal” external outcome. Seeing truth is simpler […]
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Event: 2012 – Gateway to Your Future

Wisdom-Forum presents ‘2012: Gateway to Your Future’ an upcoming event being held in Toronto Oct 22nd and 23rd at Convocation Hall, University of Toronto.   We are an affiliate for the event so if you are interested in finding out more information or ordering tickets to attend the event, please do so via the link […]
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The Maya Of Eternal Time – Drunvalo Melchizedek

What the true Mayan’s are doing, and what they have to say about the 2012 and the coming shift in consciousness on the planet. Enjoy! Its a playlist, so it will switch to the next video automatically This is a web broadcast of Drunvalo Melchizedek about the mayan prophecies about 2012, The leader of the […]
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2012: Ancient Mayan Calendar and The End of Time Part 3

Contemporary solar physics says that this is not the end of time as we know it. Suns spots climax at 2012. These natural disasters we are experiencing on a global scale are nothing but solar storms and flares. Earth bound data tells us that the earth’s magnetic field is weakening and there is a polar […]
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2012: Ancient Mayan Calendar and The End of Time – Part 2

Ancient western astrology calls it a great cycle, the earth wobbles on an axis and one complete wobble is 26,000 years according to the Mayan long count calendar. Throughout the 26,000 years the sun shifts through 12 ages. These cycles are seen in the old testament. At the dawn of the Christian Piscean era the […]
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2012: Ancient Mayan Calendar and The End of Time – Part 1

A lot is being said about December 21, 2012, because this is when the Mayan long count calendar ends. Some see 2012 as the end of time, others, as moving into a new age or rebirth. Everyone has their own opinion, however the media is pumping out fear to influence these opinions. Out of propaganda […]
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2012 – The Mainstream Diversion

Recently I have found that 2012 can veery much be a diversion from our own personal growth. It has become a tool used by the elite to confuse and separate the collective. Most of what we see and hear about 2012 is quite false and very much distant from what it is truly about. We […]
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2012 Part 2: Galactic Alignment

We talked about the energy shift and the “chaos” we might see in the form of increased weather activity, government scandals, the collapse of our financial system and other non serving systems of today. We now have a better understand of what 2012 is really all about and we can move forward now dismissing the […]
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2012 Part 1: What does this mean?

Those that have heard of the date December 21st, 2012 generally associate it with what the doom and gloomers have spread as some great apocalypse headed for earth. Stories on YouTube of asteroids hitting the earth, humanity ceasing to exist etc. This is partly due to the fear vibration that is easily spread and gobbled […]