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Fascinated? Compelled? Think Archetype . . .

In the premiere episode of the new Netflix series Love (starring Gillian Jacobs), a radio psychologist uses the word ‘archetype’ and the caller then asks him what an archetype is. He stammers and replies “well, I don’t really have the exact definition, but I do know what it means obviously because I just used it. Um […]
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Next Time You Brush Your Teeth Try This

When is the last time you recalled what it felt like to brush your teeth? Did you pay attention to what was happening? Brushing your teeth is an action that we do (or should do) every day, yet it has become so habitual that we don’t remember what it feels like or what we are […]
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When Virtual Reality Becomes More Than A Game

New breakthroughs in computer technology can generally be attributed to two industries: pornography and gaming. While there is nothing to be reported in the former area here, the virtual world of games is definitely evolving rapidly. The question really is in which direction is it going? The O’Reilly Group is at the vanguard of many […]
Kidsuperhero Personal Development

How To Build True Confidence

What does it mean to have confidence? Or to build confidence? In the world of self-help, or even in the world in general, it seems that having or building confidence is a big issue and is often misunderstood. The typical belief is that we must build confidence in order to feel good about ourselves and what […]
contentment Personal Development

The Habit Of Being Content

This is something I feel is very important for each of us and I’m going to get a bit personal about it because I have seen what it can do to lives, including my own at times. My long-time girlfriend and I recently mutually ended a relationship that we experienced together for five years. During that […]
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Has Spirituality Become Another Ego Identity?

Spirituality in the West has been severely distorted; being a marketplace of trinkets, self-help gurus, healers, a huge variety of spiritual practices, substances and so on. Somehow this culture has taken something very pure and simple and turned it in to something commercial, something competitive and into that which it is not. Our western mind […]
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How To Respond To Negative People Without Being Negative

First off, I don’t want to get too caught up in this polarity of negative and positive. Just because we may not agree with what someone says sometimes doesn’t make them negative. It’s the same with information, simply because information may show that something going on is wrong, also doesn’t mean it’s negative. In the […]

Eco, Ego, Eros: Thoughts On Philosophy, Spirituality & Science

When I got to the Science and Nonduality conference the first person I encountered was Wolfgang Baer, a physicist from San Diego who told me about his theory of consciousness at the heart of quantum particles –possibly as a newly discovered or theorized binding force of atoms. I then went to see Cassandra Vieten, President and […]
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3 Techniques To Help Quiet Your Mind

Is your biggest challenge in meditation or mindfulness your inner dialogue? Do you become easily distracted by the noises around you? Then this article is for you! The Importance of Being Present Mindfulness is a Buddhist meditation technique involving attention to the present moment, acceptance to whatever the present is and withholding  judgment; to simply allow […]

Understanding Who’s In Charge Of Your Life. Overcoming Fear & Worry

The First Step… ‘Returning to the Master’ It is very easy in this crazy world to feel lost and disconnected. It is very easy to fall into a state of dis-harmony with ourselves and lose all enjoyment and satisfaction with the deeper aspects of life. We become vulnerable victims of fear and as a result […]
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Without Your Story, What Are You?

“This moment, just THIS, however it’s appearing, when it’s for no one, is always more than enough. But when it’s for a “someone” we imagine ourselves to be, then it’s never enough, for the energy of seeking is never satisfied.” –Michael Jeffreys “The mind” (the reason for the quotation marks is because the mind, if […]