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Key Facets To A World Where Humanity Can Thrive

Instead of narrowing our focus on the misfortunes plaguing our world, let us look to the future with bright eyes and open minds. This article is a list of technologies and present innovations  — of realizations and higher vibrations. We, as a collective, can either get sucked into the spiraling del...

Powerfully Simple Ways Fruit Can Save the World

  Today it is quite easy to get caught up in negativity and become overwhelmed about the state of the world.  It's as simple as turning on the television or radio or talking with a random person or someone close to you; everyone is talking about the problems we all face. Our destruction is tre...

How NOT To Do Psychedelics: A Guide

This is an article for anyone curious about psychedelics or for those who want to reflect on their use of them. Let’s start by setting the record straight about psychedelics: they are what you make them. More than any other psychoactive substance, psychedelics can have a massive range of effec...

5 Big Benefits Kids Can Get From Yoga

Kermit the Frog has a wonderful song – “It’s Not Easy Being Green.” And kids love this song because they can relate. After all, it’s not easy being a kid today either. More and more is asked of them in school; they are hurried from one activity to the next; homework begins at much earlier grade leve...