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A Plan To Get Your Student Loan Debt Under Control

Rising student loan debt has become an impediment to an entire generation’s dreams of success through a college education. If you’re mired in debt yourself, it may feel impossible to make any serious headway on the total amount owed without giving up other important expenses and even the smallest pe...

6 Lessons We Can Learn From Money: What’s Your Money Lesson?

At the bottom of all the personal drama that makes up a shift, you always realize that there was a single lesson it was teaching you all along. It’s almost like the shift cycles down until you can understand it in a single statement, and in that moment you realize that you were seeing the same messa...

How My Intuition Saved Me $6,000 (And How Yours Can Too)

This past weekend, I was manipulated. Or, more accurately, I allowed myself to be manipulated. I attended a 2-day training with the intention of learning some new tools to help myself and others. Within the first five minutes, my gut was already feeling strange (and it wasn’t the egg sandwich I at...

How Humanity Has Enslaved Itself

Most people won’t believe they are enslaved, though some believe they are enslaved by the ruling elite. But when we look deeper into this predicament, we may be able to see that we are in fact enslaved or trapped by our own minds. Man is a slave. He is not born as a slave, he is born free. He i...

Children Grow Food Better Than Adults & Lead Paradigm Shift

Riding the full force GMO backlash of 2014, communities and individuals alike are breaking down the door with Black-Friday urgency in search of better access to better food. Yet in a country where we continue to be limited by the bottom line of big corporate influences and their overarching monetary...