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The Animated Short Film That Explains The Truth About Money

In 2011, Tad Lumpkin and Harold Uhl teamed up to create and release an animated short film entitled “The Collapse of the American Dream.” The film follows the story of Pile, an average American citizen hoping to achieve the fabled American Dream that so many of us to this day still strive for. Since its release, […]
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Money. Do We Love the Limitation?

Money…Something that affects us all. Whether you are rich, middle class or poor, it plays a vital role in what we are experiencing collectively. Of course each experience is no better or worse than the other as all are great experiences to learn from, but this brings me to a question. Have you ever really […]
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Following the Money: Who’s in Control?

Human beings are beginning to question the environment around them more so than ever before. Our capability to step outside of the box and observe events taking place on planet Earth from a neutral standpoint continues to increase at an exponential rate. Observing the entire Earth experience from an open mind has cleared the way […]
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Black Friday: Where Are The Riot Police Today?

If thousands of people were gathering and going wild in front of stores and buildings on any other day they would generally call out hundreds of riot police to contain them. But today, when crowds lined up at thousands of stores across North America, they were free to run rampant, get pushy with each other […]
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Global Economy at High-Risk of Deeper Slump

One look at the streets in Spain or Greece right now will tell you pretty quickly that the people are fed up with both the economy and the way the world is running. Depending on what level of information you look at, you may or may not have been exposed to the fact that regardless […]
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Do We Have Too Many Possessions?

I found this awesome video courtesy of the people at Sustainable Man. Be sure to check out their page and follow the awesome stuff they are putting out there. Before having a look at the video, I think this is so true and really something that we all need to realize and observe in our own […]
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The Truth About Money

We often think that we need money, but when we really look at it, we only need some of what money can buy. We sometimes are lead to believe that we will kill each other if we don’t have money, but the truth is, this is what is said to us over and over again […]