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Why We Need To Expand Our Scientific Methods: Empiricism Old & New

Modern science some time ago became enamored of attempts to “be objective.” To be objective implies eliminating a personal point of view as much as possible from science. Science writing itself still reflects this trend today with awkward passive phrasing such as “it is shown” or “it was found,” rather than “I show” or “we […]
galaxy_collisions Space

Galaxy Collisions: What Will Ours Look Like?

This fantastic video, although a simulation, in some way makes us think about all the movement and change we are going through. More and more people are experiencing ‘awakenings’ as the days go by, and as a society we are facing many whirlwind situations that are triggering a large global shift in consciousness. And maybe […]
clock Spirituality

Do You Know What Time it is?

So many of us are trapped under the spell of time. Think of childhood fairytales and what happens to the protagonist when cast under a spell. They are no longer themselves, become subservient, predictable and controllable. Spells remind me of operating systems. They carry out a coded formula of data, and it operates on autopilot. […]
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Humanity In A Simple Analogy

Imagine children playing in a sandbox full of toys. A couple of them of them decide that the toys are theirs, and put barriers around them, telling all the other kids that they must earn these little pieces of leaves that will grant them access to the toys. The parents observing the situation would most […]
mother earth Spirituality

December 21st 2012 One Week Away: Expecting Something?

It’s already December 14th and the world famous date of December 21st 2012 approaches us in one weeks time. This is another great opportunity for us to step back and observe how mainstream media can manipulate the consciousness of human beings so easily. If you bring up December 21st 2012 with anybody they will instantly […]
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Support Positive Change: Beyond Limitation Education

We have just started a new project that is focused towards changing the entire education paradigm. This new education system will play a huge role in the expansion of our future. We have entered in a contest that Aviva Insurance is putting on geared towards helping community by funding projects that intend to create positive […]
one-human-family Consciousness

Awakening Requires No Special Identity

These days we see people all over the globe awakening to what is happening with the shift in consciousness and it gets more and more exciting everyday. One thing I do find thought is the entire process seems to be getting overcomplicated by various things all having to do with the mind. We get stuck […]
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New CE3 Documentary Update! Hitting The Road!

Filming for our newest documentary The Collective Evolution III: The Shift is set to begin very soon! We have scheduled some very exciting interviews with some great speakers and there are many more to come. Given the nature of this documentary and the subject matter we want to cover, it is very important that we […]