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A 3 Step Plan To Speak Your Truth – Even If Your Voice Shakes

Most of my life I was afraid to speak up. As a kid I was often told to be quiet, and quiet I did become. I kept my opinions to myself and remained quiet enough to ensure I wouldn’t ruffle any feathers. Saying my throat was blocked is an understatement. And in 2005 when I first picked up Caroline My...

Can We Click Our Way To A Clean Energy Economy?

Internet usage has a much larger impact on energy policy than many people think. In fact, if the Internet were a country, it would be the sixth largest user of energy in the world. As more of everyday life goes "online," it is important that users understand where this energy comes from and how the ...

“Nuclear Nation” Shows Fukushima’s Human Face

In one of the largest environmental catastrophes in the history of mankind, the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant suffered a meltdown of three of its reactors on April 19, 2011. The area surrounding the plant was immediately rendered uninhabitable, and radiation released during the incident was detected...

The Consequences Of Living In An Overstimulated Society

Recently, I met some family members I hadn't seen in awhile for dinner at a busy restaraunt. On the drive to meet them, I was estatic. My heart and mind were open. I couldn't wait to bond on the deep level I so desperately crave to bond on with the people I love. However, once I arrived at the resta...

Why The Bikram Yoga Sex Allegations Are A Wake Up Call To Us All

The recent allegations against Bikram Choudhury which surfaced a few months ago are a wake-up call. This article is not about whether Bikram is guilty or not. This article is a call to all of us to use the most important tool we own: discernment and self-trust. This is not the first time we’ve seen...

The Truth Behind Capitalism

In 2008, the loss of 11 billion dollars by the world’s largest insurance company, AIG, and the bankruptcy of the US investment bank Lehman Brothers, triggered a domino effect of financial consequences which brought the entire capitalist system within a hair’s breadth of total collapse. But, as the ...