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6 Tips To Help You Overcome Anxiety & Depression Without Using Drugs

You’re here because you or someone you know is feeling pain in an area of their life and you want to help. Depression and anxiety can be debilitating. I remember feeling them so strongly that I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t work, I couldn’t be social, I couldn’t even be alone without feeling hopelessly...

The Holiday Ad With A Powerful Message That Is Breaking The Internet

No matter what you celebrate, the holiday season is often a wonderful excuse to bring together families and loved ones that are usually preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of daily life. Most share food and time together in a comfortable setting that otherwise would be very difficult to coordinat...

WATCH: A Single Dad Explains The Real Reason Why He Is Homeless

Homelessness is an evidently apparent issue in cities all over the world. As I recently shared in another article I wrote on the subject, according to the Covenant House -Canada’s largest homeless youth agency -there are at least 10,000 young adults homeless during a given year in the city of Toront...

The Commercial Doritos Doesn’t Want You To See

Would you love it the same if you knew where it came from? This is the idea behind the latest Greenpeace ad that challenges viewers to question where their food comes from and whether or not it is having a hidden environmental impact that we are directly supporting. The Info Some Doritos flavour...