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manonmoon General

The Holiday Ad With A Powerful Message That Is Breaking The Internet

No matter what you celebrate, the holiday season is often a wonderful excuse to bring together families and loved ones that are usually preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of daily life. Most share food and time together in a comfortable setting that otherwise would be very difficult to coordinate, giving everyone involved the opportunity to both […]
singledad Multimedia

WATCH: A Single Dad Explains The Real Reason Why He Is Homeless

Homelessness is an evidently apparent issue in cities all over the world. As I recently shared in another article I wrote on the subject, according to the Covenant House -Canada’s largest homeless youth agency -there are at least 10,000 young adults homeless during a given year in the city of Toronto alone (where CE is based), […]
doritos Environmental

The Commercial Doritos Doesn’t Want You To See

Would you love it the same if you knew where it came from? This is the idea behind the latest Greenpeace ad that challenges viewers to question where their food comes from and whether or not it is having a hidden environmental impact that we are directly supporting. The Info Some Doritos flavours contain palm […]
galaxy_collisions Space

Galaxy Collisions: What Will Ours Look Like?

This fantastic video, although a simulation, in some way makes us think about all the movement and change we are going through. More and more people are experiencing ‘awakenings’ as the days go by, and as a society we are facing many whirlwind situations that are triggering a large global shift in consciousness. And maybe […]
johnla Multimedia

The Most Honest Music Video You’ll Ever See

Internet sensation John Lajoie is best known for his comical hits ‘Everyday Normal Guy,’ ‘Show Me Your Genitals’ and ‘I Kill People’ – all of which have amassed millions of views since their releases. In April of this year, John released his newest internet hit ‘Please Use This Song,’ which comically spreads an honest look […]
tarayogaaug Multimedia

Yoga Routine To Strengthen Your Spine and Upper Back

Tara Carpino has come together with us at Collective Evolution to release a 4th Yoga Routine video that we are happy to offer for free to all of our followers through our YouTube channel. The routine is just under 15 minutes long and is designed to strengthen both your spine and upper back. The moves […]
war Multimedia

Is The US Military The Real ‘Terrorist?’

Todays mainstream media is being viewed under a ‘critical thinking’ microscope more now than ever before. As we begin to realize the various agendas each news corporation acts upon when reporting news, we begin to see through the different political styles available and look more critically at what is really happening. I titled this article […]
censor Multimedia

TED Talk Controversy: 3 Powerful Talks TED Tried to Censor

TED is a powerful and paradigm shattering initiative that brands itself with the slogan “Ideas worth spreading.” At this point, we have probably all heard of TED and the short talks given by inspiring people from all around the world to audiences at different conferences. These talks can range in subject and have included science, […]
Flouride_Doc_Poster Awareness

Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth

Fluoride awareness is growing as more people are discovering the dangers associated with the use and consumption of fluoride. Whether it be the link between fluoride and the increased prominence of Alzheimer’s or the link to cancer, people are realizing the archaic and uneducated use of fluoride is not the best choice given what we […]