The name The W.A.Y. within stands for Who Are You within? And as I started to ask myself this very question and dive deeper I started an incredible journey of self discovery.

My name is Giovanni Hermann Anthony Bartolomeo (you can call me G for short). Sometimes I’ll go by Herman Anthony or Hermann others just G.

I Created this show in order to share my own experiences along with many other interesting peoples stories whose experiences have inspired me along the way with the intention of helping others to find out who they are within themselves!

I’m the host of the Way Within show (, Collective-Evolution's Podcast and Founder of The Ideal Changes and Co-Founder of Luminous Consciousness advancement centre.

A bit more about me:

After reaching what I thought was a certain level of success in life I realized I had never defined success in terms of what it meant to me. After feeling unfulfilled, confused and borderline depressed I realized I had to have some other 'purpose' being on this earth at this time.

After a ton of personal soul searching, exploration and self reflection, the fog finally started to clear and my mission took focus. Around the same time I met the team at Collective Evolution and the rest is History!

Now we're doing our part every day to raise consciousness (including our own). I've had a passion for connecting with others and learning from their experiences and now I can share it all with you through our show, our live events in Toronto, and our Consciousness Advancement Centre.

I'm an entrepreneur at heart and love creating new Ideas and ways to help improve the planet for not only the people currently living on it but for those who we will leave it to one day! connect with me via email

One love, keep shining that light within!

-Hermann Anthony (G)



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