The name The W.A.Y. within stands for Who Are You within? And as I started to ask myself this very question and dive deeper I started an incredible journey of self discovery.

My name is Giovanni Hermann Anthony Bartolomeo (you can call me G for short). Sometimes I’ll go by Herman Anthony or Hermann others just G.

I Created this show in order to share my own experiences along with many other interesting peoples stories whose experiences have inspired me along the way with the intention of helping others to find out who they are within themselves!

I’m the host of the Way Within show (, Collective-Evolution's Podcast and Founder of The Ideal Changes and Co-Founder of Luminous Consciousness advancement centre.

A bit more about me:

After reaching what I thought was a certain level of success in life I realized I had never defined success in terms of what it meant to me. After feeling unfulfilled, confused and borderline depressed I realized I had to have some other 'purpose' being on this earth at this time.

After a ton of personal soul searching, exploration and self reflection, the fog finally started to clear and my mission took focus. Around the same time I met the team at Collective Evolution and the rest is History!

Now we're doing our part every day to raise consciousness (including our own). I've had a passion for connecting with others and learning from their experiences and now I can share it all with you through our show, our live events in Toronto, and our Consciousness Advancement Centre.

I'm an entrepreneur at heart and love creating new Ideas and ways to help improve the planet for not only the people currently living on it but for those who we will leave it to one day! connect with me via email

One love, keep shining that light within!

-Hermann Anthony (G)


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Ep.7 The Origins of the Easter Bunny – With Clarity Bartleet

The following article was written by a very inspiring friend of mine that I was fortunate enough to recently meet. Her name is Clarity Bartleet and in the last few years she has gone through some incredible transformations. She has been inspired to get in touch with her divine femininity and also connect with many […]

Ep.6 Healing Stories from the Sweat Lodge with Sal Gencarelle

Were all familiar with the old saying ” When the student is ready the teacher will appear”. I used to really not take that saying seriously. Until people started literally popping up in my life who had something to teach me, as long as I was ready to listen. Living in Ontario, North America, I […]

Ep.5 Journeys Into the Heart with Daniel Mitel

On episode 5 I got to sit down with one of my first spiritual Mentors Daniel Mitel. We got to talk a bit about his new book Journeys into to heart and he also tells us a bit about his back story how he used to be the COO of LG Romania and how he […]

Ep.4 Fasting Q&A and discussion with Martin

On this episode of The Way Within, I answer a bunch of question people were asking me about my fasting experience. I had no idea the article I shared about my experience would touch so many people. I was overwhelmed with the amount of feedback and support I received (as well as questions). I also […]

EP.3 Into the Ice with the ICEMAN Wim Hof

I’ll be honest — despite the title of this article, I usually wear shorts, and it’s not always in the mountains. More often than not I’m in the forests near my house. But, “I Walk Around Outside in My Shorts” doesn’t quite have the same pull, and I really want you to read this, because this […]

Ep.2 What I learned After 50 Days Without Eating Food

Yes, you read that right. As of this moment, I haven’t eaten for 54 days. There are many reasons why I chose to do this, which I will get into below, but the one thing I can say for sure is, the experience has not even come close to what I expected. But first I must caution you not […]

Ep.1 How A Devastating Burningman Experience Changed My Life

I’m going to start off by saying that I’m no expert at anything Burning Man, and I don’t claim or pretend to be, either. I was a “virgin” burner this year and may well be one forever. In my circle of friends, I’m viewed as the expert, but I think that’s just because none of them have […]

Based On A True Story Ep. 3 – Salvatore Gencarelle – Learning to Live from Indigenous People

My journey with the indigenous traditions of the Lakota began almost 30 years ago. As a young teenager, I began a mentoring journey with a traditional healing family of the Oglala Sioux Tribe from Pine Ridge South Dakota. A few months before my mentoring began, at the age of 15 years old, I wakened to […]

Based On A True Story Ep. 1 – From the Matrix to Ayahuasca

It was a dark and stormy night.  Well, not so much stormy, as it was moist from a light rain and a little cooler than usual for October. I’d just arrived at my parents’ house in Walkerton, Ontario, after my first failed attempt at entrepreneurship. This is where I’d be staying indefinitely because I ultimately […]

EP.12 Ido Portal – Movement is Life

On this episode of the G and Coletti Show we interview the founder of Movement Culture, Ido Portal. He created a massive following of movers and he tours the world spreading his knowledge which is a culmination of dance, gymnastics, capoeira and martials arts but it is definitely not limited to these practise’s. What can […]

EP.11 What to expect at Burning Man with Michael Sanders

On this episode of the G and Coletti show we got into a little Pre-Burning man discussion about what to expect at the festival as its my first time going. Heres Three Reasons why you NEED to go to burning man!   1) To Step Outside your Cultural, Societal, and Personal Narratives Human beings live inside […]

Ep.10 Organic Olivia – A Story of healing, parasites, TCM and more…

Without your body you would have no life on Earth, yet many people disregard their health and maintain poor dietary habits. Even medical doctors (MDs) often fail to recognize the correlation between diet and health. One would assume that MDs would treat an illness by looking at the root cause, which is often related to […]

Ep.9 Dr. Gabor Mate – Addiction, Childhood Trauma, Ayahuasca and much more…

On this Episode of the G and Coletti Show we got to interview one of my favourite Authors Dr. Gabor Mate. We spoke with Dr. Mate about some deep subjects like the root causes of addiction, childhood trauma, and some possible modalities that can help heal those root causes of addiction. For twelve years Dr. […]

Ep.8 18-Year-Old Matthew Espinosa Discusses Hollywood’s Shift In Consciousness

Conventional media is heavily censored and controlled to showcase what governments and other institutions want you to watch. As a result, media outlets have you learning about the latest Hollywood scandals instead of what’s going on around the world. That being said, numerous celebrities are starting to use their voices to inspire and educate others […]

EP.7 Elliott Hulse – Becoming The Strongest Version Of Yourself

In this episode we get to speak with YouTube sensation and Strongman competitor Elliott Hulse. We cover practical topics from "how to realise when your not living your life purpose" to exercise techniques that can break your patterned life and stimulate creativity and spontaneity. As always, Elliott provides us with a ton of valuable insight that we can easily implement into our daily lives.

Ep.6 The “Iceman” Wim Hof Believes Anyone Can Do What He Does – He’s Proving it too!

G and Coletti sat down and chatted with The Iceman Wim Hof to find out how we can all have superhuman abilities. His method has helped people to increase their athletic abilities, strengthen their immune system, reduce pain and many other incredible feats applicable to everyday life. Its something he believes every single one of us are capable of, he's proving it too.

Ep.5 “Survivorman” Les Stroud – Learning To Reconnect To Nature

On this episode of the G and Coletti show we interview Les Stroud otherwise known as the "Survivorman". He has been in complete solitude in some of the most remote places on earth and he shares with us what he has learned. Drop an preconceived notions for this episode, he does not gives us the answers we were expecting and the his insights are simple yet priceless.

Ep.4 Rachel Parent – 16 Year Old GMO Activist “Crashes” Monsanto Shareholder Meeting

On this episode of the G and Coletti show, we got to speak with Rachel Parent. A 16 year old GMO activist who wanted to speak to the CEO of what some people call "the most evil corporation in the world" so she "crashed" their Annual Shareholders meeting.

Ep.3 Ocean Robbins – It’s time for a Food Revolution

On this episode of the G and Coletti show we had the opportunity to interview Ocean Robbins. He is the grandson of the cofounder of the Baskin Robbins empire and he and his father, John Robbins, are out of the ice cream business and they are huge advocates of Non-GMO's, eating organic and the dangers of factory farming.

Ep.2 Dave “The Shaman” – Is Ayahuasca Mother Nature’s Red Pill?

On this episode of the G and Coletti show we got to sit down with a modern day, North American born shaman who was called to the amazon and spent over 15 years perfecting his craft. We got to ask him about ayahuasca and its applications and our views and experiences with plant medicines

Ep.1 Graham Hancock – Magicians of The Gods

An in depth interview with best selling Author Graham Hancock about his most recent work over the last 20 years Magicians of the Gods. We speak about a lost advanced civilization, the evidence that exists to support his claim, what destroyed this civilization and the potential for it occurring again. Could we be the next Atlantis?