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    gayle kimball

    I’m writing a book about how global youth will transform our future. What are your observations about differences between young people and previous generations? Some say they’re more informed and altruistic. Some say they’re content to click a petition on the Internet and don’t challenge consumerism. Thanks for your input.



    Hi, Gayle…Many youths play within my realms…as well, 3 have come through me (now 30, 26, & 16)…2 males & a female.

    It is not that global youth ‘will’ transform our future, tho…Global youth DOES…We DID, We/They Do & Are, They WILL…See? A twisty on the old English lesson, yes? :)

    I don’t think it’s the info, either…it’s the connects…We are more vastly connected, ergo, as a specie, this is where Our power lies. Yes, knowledge is powerful, but it is a facet that constantly changes…Wisdom, however, is a constant without need of change, derived from experience & fortified by connections that share those experiences.

    I do not see much difference in the youth of yesterday vs. youth today…Life presents challenges, those challenges are dealt with, with what tools we have to do so, and with the craftsmanship & skill we have acquired up to any given time. Personal observe, however, is that we have lost our elder connectedness, which is true tragedy to our youth, & ourselves. We, as ‘middlemen’ are still in honing process of our Life-crafts…ergo, our reflection & direction given to youth is unstable, as will theirs be to their youths when they reach this ‘stage’. Our elders, however, hold the wisdoms…they are the cornerstones of human-ness…and in Our time, have we allowed the demise of sharing their experience. I suppose a fine example of how technology has over-ridden our humanity…both socially & medically (a whole ‘nother issue…yesteryear kids were not drugged to be compliant, nor were elders).

    Just observes…Best to you & your works in process…and many blessings, too. :)

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