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    Donni De-Ville

    I thought I would start the ball rolling by posting the link to my video here;
    Hope you enjoy this old favourite called; White Rabbit. It is the same song which Grace Potter with Jefferson Airplane made famous.

    I’ve covered most classics from the past like Unchained Melody, along with some modern songs and my own originals of course. I still have many more to record and hope to get on with it soon so I can offer them as MP3’s!
    I sing all genres except for Hip-Hop, Rap, and the heavy metal stuff. If anyone else on here is into performing or writing music I would like to make your acquaintance!!

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    That’s awesome!
    I’m in a hardcore/metal band with a positive message from Auckland, NZ
    Haha a bit different but ya never know, may like it.



    You have a great voice Donni. Also interesting to see your evolution in still images.

    I haven’t recorded any music yet, but I am on my way towards that point.

    First I Mime Performed a few songs. This playlist shares 4 of my performances:

    Then I wrote a few poems as the basis message for my first album:

    Then I wrote a pattern for teaching myself how to compose music:

    Now, in 2014 I will compose my first album, “Comprehending Infinity” using the Alias “i.C.infinity” but first I have to find a suitable recording studio which will allow me to use their equipment and instruments without paying. All good things come to those with calm persistence and self belief.

    What do you think of my pattern for learning to compose music?


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