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    House of Zen

    As my path of awareness and zenfulness grow, I find it difficult to actually MEET people like-minded. I am NOT a religious person, so I’m not looking to go to church. I find myself on Sunday’s GLUED to Super Soul Sunday, on the Oprah network. I love what that program has to offer, with the variety of motivational athors and gurus, but I wish I could find something like that to actually meet people through. A zen congregation. Has anyone else had a hard time find people NOT through the internet?



    I have found that if I am open to meeting people where they are in their life and through an honest examination of my own present experience, that kindred spirits can be found almost anywhere and under almost any circumstance. For me, even at times in my life when I was intent on exploring some aspect of life through a specific paradigm, I found that within a community, the ideas and breadth of individual experience vary widely. For me, that was often disappointing because I had expected or desired to find a cohesive group that I could join with and share in some collective journey. Keep in mind here that I am talking about me and not making an assumption about your situation. For me, I have affiliated with various Christian sects, studied eastern thought, worked with psychedelics, given myself over to serendipity, chased the american dream, converted to Judaism, been married, cursed it all, and points in between; so naturally I am confused and not likely to find a home in a community of like minded people. That is, unless I drop some qualifications.

    When I talk about meeting people where they are I am talking about realizing that a lot of times I would isolate myself by seeking validation of my experience through contact with others. It is frustrating for me to feel like the only one who thinks about things that way that I do or feels the way that I do. But then again, on any given day, I may think or feel something completely different than on other days which makes me a moving target, like everyone else that I am likely to meet outside of some strict orthodoxy where experience is codified.

    That being said, I have traveled a fair amount and have had to deal with the loneliness that goes along with being a stranger to the point that it became necessary for me to break down some of my hang ups regarding the validity of different perspectives out in the world. To greater or lesser degrees, I am discovering that every person and every situation is a manifestation of Life’s contemplation. The practical aspect is that I have at least that aspect in common with every other person and that is a big deal because it gives me some space to let them be them and me to be me without having to impose restrictions that are inherent by the very nature of expectation.

    Sorry if that was not terribly helpful. Thank you for posing the question as it gave me an opportunity to explore it for what it means for myself today. If I come up with anything that might be helpful to you, I will post again. Thanks again.



    I find that, when you are ready, the teacher will appear; or, I am open to meeting all people wherever they are on their path. Some will adhere to you, in which case either you or they are learning something by the adherence, or we pass, like ships in the night. I am married and in a family of religious church go-ers, I am very friendly with a preacher, but I view religion as a control mechanism. I more see myself as just one drop in the ocean of consciousness, I AM



    Spirit to me has a different connotation as I have memory of my reincarnation and have been in contact with the Spirit of the Universe from birth. That is an off-putting thing to deal with in this world of material things and make-believe, It means that I either upset people who are religious or overawe those who are agnostic. There are very few people in this world who can or would understand where I am coming from as they would have to have some connection to what reincarnation is all about.

    After my last death my new life was shown to me as a line drawn out in front. The age of 45 stood out as something special and it was. It was the time to start talking and to try to breath some light into the world of darkness. It is a lonely course but not of my choosing and certainly one that was planned for me. That alienates me even further.

    In my experience the noise of the world blocks out the spiritual connection that some have and the only way to recover it is to ignore what is going on around you and concentrate on getting it back. This is my testimony of spirituality and it is an interesting read.

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    Joe Martino

    Do any of you use This was a great way to find more people in my area who are hosting events related to topics you are interested in. I find people don’t always like to open their mouths in public about this stuff but when everyone is meeting under a common interest everything changes :) A lot fo great groups out there for those looking for people to meet.



    Pantheism on FB, Huffington Post, Artspace, Tao and Zen, From Quarks to Quasars, Arab-Israel Peace, ertc.


    Spartan of Truth

    This is a familiar problem. Small cities and towns perpetuate the problem, as the animals in the bush have no idea what I’m talking about either.



    I too live in a small town. Fortunately, I have a friend who used to be a colleague. He understands my ramblings about quantum physics and pantheism. I’ve written some stuff that’s on my desktop. Would like to submit them to you all for scrutiny and criticism. On FB?



    In Australia, the Meetup groups are OK. Sometimes it is not easy to find a group that fits you exactly but it is a start. I have found many groups but I have never looked for one that is linked to Collective Evolution. Perhaps you may consider starting one yourself. I suspect that some thought has to be given to the mission of the group, what you will do and where. I found it can be expensive for organizers to find venues. It is best to join an established one first and go from there.
    I hope this helps,



    I agree with Kelly – just meet others where they are unconditionally. Someone once said “the best conversationalists are the best listeners”. Listening is learning.



    Hi Everyone- This is my first discussion on this site. I would say I resonate A LOT with what Kelly wrote…so let me just add a “ditto” to his words!!

    I am an American living 30 minutes from both the Israeli and Syrian borders. Finding kindred spirits is like searching for a needle in a haystack…if I am looking for someone who shares my beliefs, however, I have given up on that and am happy just to meet people. I am learning A LOT about the TRUE politics of this region, and wish so much to voice my discoveries.

    However, if I elaborate, I would be changing the topic…lol…so I have found when I need spiritual support or just to be reminded that I am NOT alone with my views of this world/universe I live in, I come to places like this. I have a handful of friends from around the world I can chat with which is enough to keep me on my path.

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