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    If you have fallen in love with playing your part as an agent of change
    If you have courted that destiny to make yourself fit to serve
    If you are married to the mission without compromise
    If you have consummated that communion with others of kind
    Then you will be pregnant with the future and in need of midwifery

    If your willing readiness is wobbled by the occasional glimpse of
    ‘life will never be the same again’
    If your excitement is thrilled to witness the new theatres of humanity
    If the reality looms large that this is going to be on Its Terms not yours
    Then know that birth is visiting you, nudging you into alignment

    As some of the pixels of evolutions canvass become clear
    A new oxygen liberates the creativity of all who breath deep
    Know you are lining the womb with the guarantee of your standards
    And decorating the nursery with every brush stroke of devotion

    When the stretch comes and you reach to meet its requirement
    The midwife provides you with the assurance that you were born to this
    She knows that the fruits of your labour will bring blessings beyond imagination
    Her confidence and gentle authority makes you feel safe and that all is well

    In the final hours as the enormity of evolution emerges from its plasma
    The midwife covers you in the presence of connected stillness
    The lone state is never to be felt again as You are born into your universal destiny
    a homecoming and unification with all life and Love itself.

    Midwife of The Future by
    Nina Dauban
    copyright © 2012 NinaDauban. All Rights Reserved.







    Didn’t mean to appear uneducated



    It’s not nice to modify mother nature. We are slowly killing our own species. What happened to humanity in the purest form?



    Hey if you wish to live humanity in it’s purest form no one is stopping you… take off all your cloths and head off into the wilderness and find a nice hollow tree and live one with nature… What I have a problem with is the hippocracy of people getting up every day in nice warm house, in a nice comfy bed made from assorted produced products, turning on the coffee pot, TV, lights… Running a hot shower then heading off on or in a vehicle to spend the day enjoying all the benefits technology gives them then coming home firing up a computer and getting on the World Wide Web to bitch about Other People destroying the planet…. If you want to do your part strip naked and head off into the wilderness and find a nice hollow tree and do your part to save the planet…


    Steven Thorpe

    My name is Steven Thorpe and I’ve been dreaming of this day all my life. How apt is it that the final piece of the puzzle should come to me on this day. June 21st 2013, the longest day the year, summer Solstice of the best year of my life. Is it fate or is it coincidence? Why did ancient civilizations built monuments to line up with the stars and our nearest, the sun to Stonehenge? We are on the dawn of the age of Aquarius, I’m Aquarius, and 13 is my lucky number. Coincidence maybe but I’ve been having many of them lately and I can ignore them any longer. I’m beginning to believe that our hidden past is wound up in our present and future in ways we can never fully understand. They have been talking to us all this time through what they left behind and that our current version of events of human history need a drastic overhaul. I believe we are starting to finally see our destiny does not require anymore suffering. We are waking up we are becoming more conscious everyday. We are aware, we can not continue on this path of destruction and that we need to change. Or maybe we were always heading this way and the outcome is inevitable. Maybe all the suffering that has come before has been to teach us how rise up from this hell on earth and make it heaven on earth instead. Times are changing weather you know it or not, the next stage of our collective evolution is here. The awakening is happening here and now.

    OK here is how I’d like to change the world and free all souls from slavery. We are living in a world of suffering and it just doesn’t have to be that way. We are living in prisons off our own minds and through our own mind we have created a system that is just not designed to serve humanity as a whole. People are staving and we can’t afford to feed them, while we spend countless billions on warfare, hate and greed. Countless more billions enforcing laws that just don’t serve us anymore, we persecute people that commit no other crime than smoking a little weed and getting high to have a good time. It never killed anyone and it’s very rare that pot smokers go out on the street looking for trouble. Not like that most boring of drugs alcohol that cost I bet a billion lives. Alcohol consumption is everyone’s sovereign right if that’s your things, but it causes countless societal problems. Weed is so much safer than alcohol, even psychedelics are safer than alcohol when used sensibly. In fact they may even cure your depression, anxiety and maybe even make you happy like they did me. But that’s enough about them for now, don’t get me wrong psychedelics have a very important roll to play in the development of utopia and my vision of the future. alcohol kills on a daily basis directly and indirectly. A drunk driver knocking down an innocent soul, an alcoholic beating a mother to a pulp while the Children are helpless watching, the thousands of booze Fueled incidents of violence as our youth pour out of the night clubs every weekend causing a massive strain on our E.R’s/A&E’s and police. How many have died because they have ruined their liver through drinking so much for so long? Millions? How many family’s devastated through loosing loved ones to alcohol? We need to stop this foolishness now unchain these brothers and sisters of ours that do no harm to any but themselves, real crimes have victims. Reunite them with their wife’s and husbands, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers. What gives anyone the right put us in prison for hurting no one, because they don’t like what we put in our bodies. None should loose their freedom for that, not in this day and age. How is it news reporter Stuart Hall got 15 months in Jail for 16 counts of child molestation and then someone can get 15years for sacred medicines that can cure psychological problems and even free you from mental slavery.

    I’m not even going to go on about how much money it would save as I don’t believe in money and I know we can live without it. So how do we get rid of it you may ask? Well I’d do it like this, money is only worth what we Think it is worth. The truth is money is Worth nothing and it has absolutely no power over anyone or anything. It is only our belief that it does, that makes 95% of the human specie miserable and keeps so many of us in shackles. Gold, jewels and money, limits us on so many levels. We need an evolution not of body, but of mind. We need to change the way we see the world and ourselves. We need to see the evils we do to our planet and ourselves in the nether ending cycle of chasing after worthless metal, paper and stones. The top 3% of the worlds richest people, have more combined wealth then the poorest 85% how much is enough seriously? And we let thousands die daily just because they don’t have access to clean water or food. Countless millions suffering because they can not afford to live because we tell them that we own all the food and all land. If you do not have money you will not eat today and will remain Homeless. If you do not keep paying us money we’ll take away your home and kick you out onto the street. If you want to keep a roof over your head you must be slave to the system. A system that is designed to shackle you all your lives to serve them. Drip feeding us a little bit of wealth at a time, for most this is just not enough to get by on. Yes the system does serve a certain type of people, some just had the good fortune to be born in the right Country Or family. Most however live in a cycle of working all week just to keep the heads above water. Most are under the constant pressure of, am I going to be able to pay my rent this week. Can I afford to feed my kids this week, can I afford to cloth them and keep them warm. So basically we must work hard all our life’s to be given paper in one hand and then give back with the other in order to live on the land they own. We eat the food and wear the cloths we are told. We pay for it at prices we can’t afford, when they already have more then enough between them to supply the world with food, water and shelter for all.

    So here it is the only power they have over us is our belief that those piles of paper are worth fighting for, worth dying for, worth killing for and worth giving most of your life away for. We don’t need them or their stupid money or gold, for gold is not enough. I know many are to frightened to let go of all they they have fought so hard for all their lives. The world is not going to stop spinning, life will go on and there will be plenty for all. We are awake, we are many and we can take control of the situation. We are not to late to reverse what we have done to our mother, we are not to late to erase all the pain and suffering we inflict on each other and we are ready now. Now more than ever, it’s time to let go of all that separates us and unite as one like never before. We are more connected than ever before and no borders can stop the spread of ideas. We are all one and everything we do to others we do to ourselves and everything we allow to happen to the innocent is nothing sort of a crime. We are sick and me must heal this madness.

    I’d get rid of money like this, it really doesn’t have to be all that difficult if we all come together as one and tell the powers that be we are not interested In their money. Tell them it has no value and that we refuse to be defined by our bank balance Or how much property and land we have. We tell them that we are not going to toil in the mud for them any longer for they do not have anything worth our time. I’m sure many are saying by now how are we going eat, how are we going to pay for our food, why would anyone go to work? Well you see the thing is when we wave our collective magic wand and transform all the wealth into worthless bits of paper, metal and stones. They’ll no longer have any power over anyone and they’ll just be like the rest of us and then no longer can they take away what is rightfully ours. Without money we’d all be rich-rich in time, rich in health and rich in spirit and above all happy. We can not please everybody over night, it’ll take time planing, generosity and courage.

    No we can’t all just quit work over night, we should all go in as normal and keep all the supply chains going we’ll still need feeding, we’ll still need to get around, we’ll still need heat and energy. So we give up money then we all go to work as normal. I reckon that 90% of all jobs are bullshit and that most are there to generate money for money’s sake. We don’t need banks, we don’t need a stock markets where men roll dice to decide how happy we are allowed to be. We don’t need to be dependent on some electronic numbers that govern our economy where billions can be swindled from the tax payers in the blink of an eye. We don’t need a system that is based on gambling and a banking system that needs billions in tax payers money to keep them going after they have already taken away so much. We don’t need vast armies and billions spent on death machines, we all own the world it belongs to all of us and we don’t need men with guns patrolling imaginary lines in saying where we can and can not go. We wouldn’t even have half the prisons we have if there was no money. No longer would OAPS have to fear having there handbags stolen walking to the shop to fetch a pint of milk, we don’t need drug enforcement. lets set up lives and living conditions for all that none ever felt they had to escape from. No longer do we need marketers and the constant bombardment of images, trying to sell us useless junk we just don’t need. No longer do we need to manufacture mountains of junk mail to post through every door in the civilized world, trying to drum up business.

    My point is there are countless jobs that are just not serving us as a collective and they have no other agenda other than creating stacks of worthless paper. Stacks of paper that we have for so long allowed to control us, paper that we have allowed to take away our birthrights and given ourselves to those that control the paper. Reject the paper and free our minds from mental slavery. So OK first we dis-empower the money so that none controls the masses, we all go to work just as before. Then what we do is overtime, not over night, then we figure out that which serves us and that which doesn’t. So that over time we may weed out all that is not required for our new reality. Then we start working towards getting anybody who wants a jobs in work. The thing is you see is that now well have a massive surplus of redundant work force that all are ready and willing to play their part in achieving a world where we will only all ever have to work one maybe two days a week and we can all still have plenty. First we all drop down to four days a week, then three, then two and maybe one day even just the one. I know we can do this if we all pull our weight, we are all in this together.

    No longer would we have to consider the cost of something over what is right. We can all be carers of our planet and each other. We can and should only build/manufacture things meant to last, so we don’t have to keep filling our landfills with endless mountains of crap the just breaks down. Lets not waste our time making products that are substandard and just don’t last. It’s not about profit anymore. Imagine how many offices, factories, warehouses we could close, then imagine all those empty buildings we could convert in to quality homes for those that have none. Imagine all the energy we’d save doing everything right the first time. Imagine all the time we’d save that we could put to better use creating an environment we could be proud of. We could plant fruit trees and bushes on all our spare land and give so much of our ugly concrete back to nature. No longer would we need to beg borrow and steal from one-another because everyone should get what we need as longs as we do what is right.

    This is how I’d start, obviously the situation is so much more complicated than this and it easier said than done. But our system is so desperately broken and now more than ever we need something to replace it, with something that serves all of us. If we carry on the same as we always have, we’ll always be the same and ultimately the suffering will continue. We have the technology and power within us to bring world peace now and we’ve never been more ready. Let us unite and call for the changes we know must be made, no more profit before our planet or another human being. What we need is ideas and visions for a better and easier life for all and these are just a few of mine. I have many more but we need to tackle the route of most evils first, lets stop kicking each other in the teeth and join hands as we stroll onto a better tomorrow.

    Life is contagious..,go..go tell your neighbours…reach our and pass it on…ooh yeah



    Well Steven…. That was a nice idea if it wasn’t just a bunch of Horsey Puckey Doo Doo ….. Human Beings Cannot and will never be Perfect…. You cannot make them Perfect… You can think good thoughts and gaze at your navel all you wish but there will always be people that are placed into a position of power over others and Power will always Corrupt…

    Greed is one of the greatest attributes of man… Greed feeds that masses… Greed makes your life livable… All the Good feelings and Charity in all of human history has done less than one Greedy Person… Greed put that computer in front of you… Greed put the food on most people tables… Greed feeds Billions … Charity feeds thousands…..



    Seek within the temple of your own heart, for there lie the answers to all your questions.



    make your decisions based on honor, not on personal gain.



    The people’s voice is the best chance we have right now for changing the world, look it up and spread the word! Exciting times!



    Strength, Courage, Compassion, Honesty, Intellect, and Responsibility are the six basic foundational attributes of Humanity. These six attributes are the foundation for all that is good in the Human Experience. i spent over 8 years “reverse-engineering” and “determining dependencies” and the result was these six attributes.

    By relying on a practice of these six foundational attributes as a guide – love happiness, fulfillment and all the other good things in life are allowed to grow. Ask yourself honestly, can love survive without strength to resist other offers? Can a family survive without honesty?

    Evolution is a process ( i was very happy to see the word “process” in some other text). The secret to touching the untouchable is to take part in the process. Life does not stand still, life is there “in the process” and cannot be frozen or stopped at any point without causing the “life” to disappear. Evolution is the “Hand of God” there for all to see, and being “in tune” with our own evolution and guiding it is the most Human thing that anyone can possibly do. No other animal on this planet has this ability.

    By relying on a practice of these six foundational attributes as a guide we Humans can take charge of our own Evolution and guide it where it needs to go. By following this guide we can never go wrong.

    In every moment, in every situation… before you act, before you speak, ask yourself if the thought, action, or words you speak are in accordance with the six basic requirements. If I were going to be strong right now, what would I do? If I were going to be courageous right now, what would I do? If I were going to be compassionate right now, what would I do? If I were going to be honest right now, what would I do? If I were going to be intellectual (use my brain) right now, what would I do? If I were going to be responsible right now, what would I do?

    Practice this mantra until it becomes something you do without thinking, and then you will see, you will feel it, you will know. By following this guidance all persons immediate environment begins to improve, and even spread to others.

    Think what it would be like to be able to trust your neighbors… not have to worry about being ripped off… etc… and what a difference that would make for Humanity.



    You create your reality. Our beliefs become our thoughts, our thoughts become our actions, and our actions become our reality. You are at the driver’s seat of this beautiful and challenging simulation. Take full control and don’t ever doubt your potential or worthiness for true happiness and inner peace. Oh and also, never stop loving. It’s what i am. It’s what you are. It’s what we are. It’s what I Am. Peace and Love always. KB



    We can use the internet to be Co-Creators of a better world through Poll-itical Networking for Collective Consensus. We are currently constructing a website for just that purpose. Our informational website is at You Are An Exclamation Of Love!



    You know me,
    & I know you.

    You may not know: what I look like exactly or what I sound like, or my mannerisms and reactions. But have trust and faith that our greatest open desires bring us closer to one another.

    You may forget what it is I did to bring you to that feeling of familiarity or You might forget how you got to the edge of this cliff. A point so far off from humanity, yet just as grounded and only a slightly bit more elevated.

    When you speak, when you experience, when you react and interact with everyone of you, or them, those outside of you.
    Or these, only you can hear.
    [Clarity in Truth. Truth is Clarity.]

    It does not matter who understands/does not understand yoU, who believes/does not believe in yoU, has faith/no faith yoU, supports/hates yoU.
    They are all you anyways. Everything ends with yoU.



    all you need is love, love is all you need

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