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    Alanna Ketler

    Hey guys!

    Recently I have become very interested in the topic of ‘Astral Projection.’ Has anyone tried Astral Projection or had an ‘OBE’ (Out of body experience? )Does anyone who has experience in this field want to share a little bit about their experience? Or some tips for beginners? I look forward to hearing your stories! Much love



    My experience started when my dream became extremely and gradually tense and at its peak, I felt like a strong force passing through my body and out of it again. It was discomforting feeling but it was strong enough to wake me up and when I was awaken, I had a scary feeling of being violated and I was paralysed and with no sense of my whole body. It took only few seconds before I started to feel a tingling on my toes that started to move all the way up to my head and just then I managed to move. If you really need a good guide about Astral Projection for beginners with easy steps, go and google the book and video “The Phase”. It is a free e-book to download and very thorough. Good luck with it.

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    hey Alanna.
    there is a lot of info out there on OBE. i recommend a book called Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce. only because his writing really reflects the experiences i have had regarding OBEs and interactions with other energies or entities. he goes into a lot of detail as to why you might feel certain sensations such as being paralysed as McMoayed mentioned above. And he writes really clearly.

    i think it’s really important to keep an open mind as to how you may experience these things too. people will say this and that but it will ultimately be your own experience. in saying that though most people seem to report similar sensations.

    this has been my experience so far.
    the first time i experienced what i consider now to be an OBE was when i was very young, about 4 or 5 years old. at night after being asleep for some time i would experience a sensation like flying though a storm of asteroids. hahaha i know it sounds a bit funny but i guess this was how my consciousness interpreted it at the age of 4 and 5 years old. i’d have a feeling of weight on my body, pressure on my head and chest. yet i was flying through space. at first it would be enjoyable but then as things got faster and more intense i would feel anxious. i’d then wake myself up by trying to shout and would usually wake up to find myself standing in another room in the house. generally my parents bed room. they would wake up and let me sleep with them the rest of the night. this went on for a couple of years then stopped. these experiences later returned to me as a teenager about 15 years old. i had discovered meditation and enjoyed it not for its relaxing qualities but because it seemed to allow my mind to enter into some other state. i didn’t realise at the time but i think i was experiencing some form of OBE. but it was just a fun and enjoyable experience for me at the time and nothing more. One evening as i was getting into bed i felt a pressure on the left side of my head. as if someone was pushing against my left temple and eye socket. i heard a woman talk to me, she asked “are you still friends with him?” it was quite odd for me as i had never experienced anything like this without being in a meditative state or while dreaming. I wrote these words down on one of my school books next to the bed and then once in bed fell straight to sleep… which was also odd for me at the time. i woke about 3 hours later and my whole body felt paralysed. i was awake but couldn’t move, i think my eyes were closed too but it was like i could see. i felt energy begin to pour in through my chest. it wasn’t scary at all. i just lay there not being able to move and not really wanting to move either. quite suddenly though, i sat up in bed and the energy, which i then felt as being female, flew out of me through my head and shoulders. i remember hearing a vibrating sound, a beating sound spinning around the room. i was freezing cold, but not once did i feel a sense of fear or anxiety. i was calm yet my body was vibrating, pulsating. then out of the blue the name “Leanne” popped into my head, as a thought this time not as a voice. almost 17 years later I still have no idea what these words and name mean, or the significance of them but they are always with me. ill never forget that experience as it felt so positive and energising. since then i have had only a few experiences, one quite different that seemed to be an interaction with a very negative energy (or entity). i had learned by then that you have total control over who and what you allow to interact with you. i told the energy to go. to leave. that it could let go and move on and it seemed to do just that.
    honestly i don’t really know how to categorise these experiences, and i don’t really need to. but after reading up on a few things they seem to fit into the category of OBE. possibly channelling too but i honestly don’t feel the need to label them or to induce them either. for me they happen when they happen. actually when i have tried to induce them they never seem to happen, or i don’t remember them. Robert Bruce has a good chapter on that actually :-) but reading up on other’s experiences has definitely made me more prepared for when they do occur, so i can experience and remember them as much as possible. far out I’ve almost written an essay! but note that it is apparently quite common to have OBE’s but also very common to not remember them. like dreaming. anyway i hope you enjoyed my essay! hahaha i have enjoyed remembering again and writing it all down. have fun researching!


    Janet f

    I learned to meditate in 9th grade, didn’t practice it consistently. In the past few
    years I been doing a lot of work with a healing modality called “Quantum Touch”.
    I’ve been achieving some pretty profound meditative states and experiences,
    but nothing like the last two entries. I have a question.

    Is it possible that the presence of animals, I’ve been a breeder of show dogs
    for 30 plus years, and have at least 20 dogs right now, protects a person from
    encounters/experiences with any unwelcome entities or spirits? I’ve never experienced anything like what you’re describing, and don’t think I want to…..
    Are my dogs like angels. protecting me?



    Heya Janet f

    It is not personal experience but I live in a culture where they still practice old crafts to connect with entities. I read some of their scripts and seen true and strange things taking place. These people know how to force negative entities to do things that positives ones would not do and to avoid the revenge of such act, they have wolves. It seems negative entities are afraid of wolves, and those who practice asking angels for help, they never allow dogs in the room where angles are called. Dogs are not negative beings but somehow angles prefer their absence in the same room but cats seem to be ok. However, I could be wrong and there could be something else to explain that but you can always find out from other people who had true experience and know more..



    Hi Alanna
    Down on this level the body does a very good job of giving us the illusion of separation from the Universal Energy Field to which we are connected all the time, so is everyone and everything else. Moving out of body is as simple as understanding there really is no separation.
    There are many books and websites available, starting down the fields of meditation and healing is probably the best way to become familiar with this area.
    Many folk like Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle etc will get you started, they are all over YouTube.
    My personal site is and we connect with many other like-minded folk through FaceBook too.
    Many blessings for your journey.



    I had an OBE when I was about 19 or 20. It was apparently triggered by eating meat after being a vegetarian for some time. My girlfriend’s poetry teacher invited us for dinner and made steak tartare. I felt it would embarass her if I turned it down so I ate it. That night I had an OBE. My theory is that it was due to the shock to my physical body of eating meat again after so long. I was asleep, and dreaming when I awoke in my dream. I flet that I was completely awake but I was in my ‘dream body’ (astral body) and not my physical body. I was sitting up in bed but could see my physical body lying down on the bed, asleep. I could aslo see my girlfriend’s physical body lying next o me while her astral body was awake and talking with men in the room. I could see everything in the bedroom, as normal, but could also see other features that only existed in that room in the asral realm. I remember seeing words written on the walls , in bright colours, glowing. nI should stress that I felt completeely awake as this was going on. After a short time, my asral body seemed to rejoin my physical body and I was lying down in the bed. I opened my eyes and was then physically awake in my physical body again.



    I meant to say “talking with me” not “men” :)



    My OBE happened about 8yrs ago. I was standing next to my bed and could see the physical me and my girlfriend sleeping on the bed. As i looked up to the doorway i say a strange black shape forming by the doorway. I couldnt see exactly what it was and it started to make me feel uncomfortable. I was worried that this “black form” was about to hurt the physical me sleeping on the bed. I then shouted “What do you want?”. it didnt respond and somehow i got angry and knew that its presence was there to harm the physical me as well as my girlfriend. I decided to walk closer to the doorway where the dark form was and as i was walking closer to it the more the form started to take shape of something. I continued saying “what do you want?” to find out if this is positive or negaitve entity. As i stood in front of this black form it took the shape of a old black woman wearing a black veil. I couldnt see her face as the veil covered most of her face, but i could see her hands, which was old and had long nails. I was so upset that she was there that i grabbed her by her chest with my left hand and was just about to punch her in the face with my right hand that at the point where my right hand almost hit her face i woke up. I was drenched in sweat and looked at my girlfriend, who was still sleeping.

    I replayed the dream in my head a few times. In my dream i was standing on the side where my gf was laying. Everything in my dream was exactly the same as it looked now. My girlfriend was laying exactly like she was now. I looked at the doorway and everything was the same, the door was open like in my dream. I was deciding whether i should tell my gf if she woke up, as i didnt want to scare her. You see we recently moved into the flat and weird things started to happen. I know this is going to sound insane to most people, but the flat had a very haunted feeling about it. We would hear doors moving and strange sounds and this dream would just add to here paranoia. Also we had just adopted kittens and one night i was awakened by a high screaching sound of cats being scared. If you have never heard that sound before trust me its like nails being pulled on a chalk board. I ran into the lounge where the kittens were and both of them were standing with all there hair completely upright just staring at each other and screaching as if they just saw the most evil thing. These cats where a brother and sister that up until this happened were the most playfull and loveable kittens, i knew when i saw them like that something evil has happened.

    Anyway coming back to the dream, so i waited for my gf to wake up. When she woke up she had a very fearfull expression on her face, i asked her what was wrong. She told me she just had a dream of a old lady dressed in a black veil. I asked her what happened in the dream. She said she was laying on the bed and from the doorway a old lady was standing and started walking closer to her. As the lady was walking closer to her she was getting scared and pulled the blanket over her head as she did not know what to do. As the lady stood in front of her she remembered what the hands of the lady looked like, exactly like the lady in my dream, it was old with long finger nails. As the lady tried to touch her with her hands, she woke up.

    I then told her about my dream. Another weird fact about the flat was when you standing at the front door on the outside, everything felt normal. As soon as you step inside the flat the hairs on the back of your neck would just stand upright. Step outside the door and it goes away. I know im diverting a bit from the topic at hand but feel that i need to complete the story so you can know the truth, which is going to sound a bit far fetched, yet it is what really happened.

    So a few days latr we had a fight and i moved out. I then had a chat with a relative of mine that told me he knew this religious guy that can see things that are unseen by most people. I was curious to hear about this person as my experience at the flat was clearly caused by a evil spirit. I then enquired more and asked if it would be possible to get hold of this person cause i might be in need of his unique gift that he has. I told my cousin the story of the flat and he said that he will arrange for the guy to come to the flat and try and assist with the situation. I called my ex gf and it must have sounded insane to her that i could assist her with her problem in the flat, she agreed to give it a “go” as her living there has not been pleasant. I got the guy there and he told me and my ex gf to sit on the bed. He then had a stick with him that he knocked 3 times on the ground and started doing a prayer. After 10 mins he told me that there was a entity in the house an he wanted us to choose want he should do to it. Either he can remove it from this flat but it could then go somewhere else and do the same to other people or he can send it to a place where it will never harm anyone ever again. we both looked at each other and without a doubt said option 2.

    As he did that we immediately noticed a calm and peacefull sensation that we have not experienced in the flat since we moved into it. She eventually moved out of that flat and into another in a different suburb and we continued our relationship for a few more years. i know i diverted a bit but my OBE was somehow linked to trying to protect myself and my gf from a negative entity. I have recently tried to do another OBE and eventhough i have not been successful yet i will continue trying to do it. i do feel that somehow im getting closer to being able to do it again.



    What you said was interesting regarding dogs and wolves. Can you tell me which culture is that. Because In Islam we have something like an angel would not enter a house where there is a dog. And these animals can sense these things.

    Heya Janet f

    It is not personal experience but I live in a culture where they still practice old crafts to connect with entities. I read some of their scripts and seen true and strange things taking place. These people know how to force negative entities to do things that positives ones would not do and to avoid the revenge of such act, they have wolves. It seems negative entities are afraid of wolves, and those who practice asking angels for help, they never allow dogs in the room where angles are called. Dogs are not negative beings but somehow angles prefer their absence in the same room but cats seem to be ok. However, I could be wrong and there could be something else to explain that but you can always find out from other people who had true experience and know more..



    @Sandman #40965

    You story is interesting. Something like the Jinns. They too live on earth along with Mankind but we can’t see them. And I ve heard stories lke yours before. Nice to read and thanks for sharing.



    astral projection is something I have been devoting some time to, I am positive i have been astral projection when asleep forward in time but my recollection is always hazy. (unsure on how i can improve on this) I have also been working on astral projection from a meditative state and so far i have had some success but as soon as I start to leave I freak out and “choke’ i guess. Also something I need to work on and I guess this will just come down to practice and overcoming the fear



    this is one of many……I was in the wooded area of our property with my husband. We were having a pretty deep conversation when he realized it was time to go back to the house to get ready for work. On the way back to the house, I noticed a tightness in my chest and told him about it. He was concerned, but I felt that I just needed to drink a tall glass of water and lay down. I did. He decided to call in and be a bit late to make sure I was feeling ok. I went right off to sleep, or at least that’s what I thought. I noticed myself drifting off, and then I felt something tugging at my chest/stomach area–and then–a sudden “pop” sound as I “broke away” from my body. I felt this just above my head by about eighteen inches. The sound was like the pop beads that little girls have for playing dress up. Ok that’s what it reminded me of…lol. Anyway, I immediately noticed that I was “beside myself”…as is…literally. My “self/body” was lying there next to “me”. I was a little surprised, but since I had read about OBE’s I wasn’t frightened. I knew for sure I was out of my body, but I was a bit concerned about if it was permanent or temporary. So, I checked to see if I was breathing. Yes! So, I thought “wow”, “I’m out of my body. Wonder when the first time I did this was…..and whoosh…..I was off on a journey (astral travel?). The surroundings were dim, but my eyes adjusted soon enough. I could see that I was in what appeared to be an Egyptian Tomb…yup…a tomb. I looked to my left, and sure enough there was my body again. Creeped me out a bit, so I thought about all the places I could have “willed” myself besides a tomb, and “wished” I was just back home….and whoosh…I was back home again. I was standing over my body, and telling myself to wake up. Over and over I tried. I even saw myself trying to talk in my sleep. My husband woke up from me moaning and trying to talk. I tried to get his attention. I called his name. I saw myself on the bed calling his name. I tried and tried to “get back in”, but nothing was working. Finally, I called to the Lord to please help me get back in…and whoosh…I was back in and “waking up”. I told my husband that I had just left out of myself and traveled not only to another place, but to a whole other lifetime….in just minutes…hahaa. Exciting and curious. Happened often after that.



    I was about a freshmen in high school when I first saw the Spirit Science’s video about Astral Projection on Youtube (amazing informational and motivation video that I would recommend to everyone interested). The topic interested me so much that I knew I had a passion and a calling to this amazing feature of the human mind. Astral Projection has changed my view on the world completely and I know that I am among a select few of fellow travelers, or as I prefer the name “Planeswalkers” from the card game Magic, to realize what we truly are in this world and that we aren’t weak beings. I would like to apologize ahead of time for the length. As many of you can see, I am very passionate and detailed about my wonderful travels.

    Travel #1:
    My first travel was something a little unexpected. I had been trying to attain this gift for so long and it was just not clicking with me. I had almost thought that only few had the gift of traveling and so I started to lose hope. For weeks and months, I had been researching, practicing, and meditating with my cousin who was also interested in traveling like I was. I believe that he eventually reached his goal of traveling before I did. But it was a winter night in December of 2010. I performed the steps needed, I relaxed my body completely, uttered the words mentally “Body asleep, mind awake” over and over again. I was almost ready to get the Binaural Beats out (which is a method I am just personally not fond of, using an outside force to induce an OBE). It was when I felt a light breeze when I opened my eyes and everything seemed luminous. Like everything was a shade brighter. I sat up and got out of my bed and began walking toward my window to see if it was open and it wasn’t. So I thought that maybe the door was open in the living room. I walked towards my bedroom door, reached for the handle and couldn’t open the door. I was very puzzled at this because I couldn’t even feel the door knob. I looked down and saw that my hand was going through it. Immediately I looked over at my bed and saw my body lying there. My first reaction was to keep calm because I researched that usually during your first travel, people get so excited they’re doing it that they wake themselves up. So I stayed calm and decided to walk through my door. I walked out into the living room and as I continued to walk, the walking gradually and yet suddenly turned into a floating. Like I was walking on the moon with very not much gravity holding me down. I knew I was traveling, and like what most travelers do during their first travel, I flew. I looked at my window, readied myself and just soared out the window superman style. As I flew above my hometown I saw multiple golden luminous shiny floating objects. My first thought was that they were either A) other travelers, or B) Entities. But I paid no attention to them, I just flew. It must’ve been hours of flying until I decided to halt, and look up. I saw the stars in the sky and thought “Hmmm, space?” and I flew straight up at the speed of sound (or just really fast). I flew into space, passed the moon and I think mars until I gained speed so rapidly that my vision started doing something. It started small but got bigger, but it was a golden shiny wormhole looking thing and it didn’t feel like I was flying towards, it felt like it was coming towards me until I went through and all I could see was white light. Once the light faded I found myself somewhere in deep space surrounded by stars but nothing super close by. I felt scared, alone, and lost. I looked everywhere for earth, or just anything that resembled a planet, or even a rock! Just something that told me I wasn’t in the middle of no where! There was nothing, but then I thought to myself a quote from a fellow traveler whose work I had been researching “You are only limited to what you can think of”. I immediately looked into the darkness and concentrated. I thought firstly, “Spherical”, and a planet formed in front of me. I then thought “earth”, and it populated itself with oceans and lands of all kinds. It was earthlike but the biodesign (if thats even a word) of it was completely different. Landmasses were different along with the different kinds of environments like deserts, jungles, forests, and mountains. I then saw a small little golden comet-like object come from behind the planet and directed its course towards me. The golden stream of light got closer and gained more shape and form. It then soon came to be as a form of a man. When the golden light finally approached me, I saw that this golden shiny man, was me. An older, maybe 30 year old version of me. I looked at his eyes and just thought “Are you..” and immediately it just nodded. I smiled and nodded back and thats when I felt a little tug on my chest. I looked down and I almost forgot about my silver cord! I never knew something so viable and important could be so easily bypassed. But the cord seemed to tugging on me, the tug eventually became a pull and got even stronger, until the gradualness went away and I was pulled immediately with lightning speed away from my planet and my golden self. I was being so fast that the light in my vision seemed to be bending! It eventually all became a blur, the speed of which I was being pulled was so immense that I couldnt even see where I was going. It was too fast to be scared, because not even a minute passed when I woke up from my bed at 9 am the next day.

    Astral Traveling is more then real, its the our next reality after death and I believe that everyone should utilize this Ultimate Potential that every human being was born to eventually accomplish. I would greatly love to hear your thoughts or answer any questions you have. Please feel free to share anything!!



    StuE95, that is a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing.

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